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The Rock Of The Hidden Secrets

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Jasmine N, the author of ``God King Begins``, Sci Fi series, contributed the re-write the translation in sub-genre of ``Historical - Adventure``, about ``God King`` and finding the secrets and the treasure in his Legend. The adventure starts with the `HS Project Archaeology` in the year of 2022. The archeologists in Sri Lanka with co-investigate team in Geneva, Switzerland started the mission of HS-01 project based on an ancient manifest found in ``Sigiriya``, which is called 8th Wonder of the world. The executive team had three archeologists as Yash, Sanjay and Tara Steveson for HS 01 project. The objective is to find secrets of the history and model Sigiriya as best architectural creation for benefit to future generation. Yash is an Indian specialist in archeology, while Sanjay is Sri Lankan specialist in archeology and architect. Tara is the utmost translator for ancient manifest from Geneva. She has unique secret AI tools and Computer program. It is the most used in archeological findings worldwide. The successful translation of ancient manifest reveals the legend of ``God King`` , as it was an autobiography of King Kasshapa. The God King has semi-god and semi-King as the deity supremacy to control the world. God King is a title given to an almighty King who had privileged spiritual power by goddess Tara. The human could become deity with the power of goddess Tara, as the powerful Buddhist savior-goddess who born by a star as mythos. The goddess has numerous form with colors and spiritual privileges with a magical lotus. The magical lotus blooms every eighteen years sequentially in the earth. Whoever able to pick it and eat the seeds of the lotus, will have the desired power given by the goddess. King Kasshapa, title as ``God King`` ruled 18 years in Sigiriya until his younger brother King Mogalan return from India. King Mugalan got the power of magical lotus which bloomed after 18 years. He became a God King with a power to combat with his elder brother for his legacy and beautiful princess. The battle was end with committing subside of king Kasshapa and King Mogalan lost his princess died on tumbling rocks at the battle at lion`s rock, Sigiriya. Tara found the secret of the autobiography of both King Kasshapa and King Mugalan. Sanjay had an ambition to steal the treasure, which is in the legend of God King. He blackmailed Tara using her little daughter. Tara and Yash had to find the way to rescue the daughter. They got the clue of magical lotus power of Goddess Tara. When they had battle to get the magical lotus, Yash died by Sanjay`s shot. Tara bring his life back with power of magical lotus as she was able to take it at last. Sanjay had wasp attack and only Tara and Yash was able to rescue from their spiritual power. When Sanjay and Tara competed the HS-01 project and honored by the archaeology senate, but Sanjay got 15 years into jail. After completing the HS-01 Tara went back to Geneva. She found the ancient map of treasure hidden in the piece of memorial gifted to her as an honor from archeology senate. To be continued in ``God King II`` - The Treasure...
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