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The More We Grow, The More You Connect

Kapruka is all about reconnecting with loved ones. Established in 2003, Kapruka is Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce destination. The Founder & Chairman of Kapruka – Mr. Dulith Herath who believes in unconventional innovative approaches, is the Key figure behind its exponential growth. Enriched in more than 125,000 products categories together with more than 30 online services and more than 1300 solid partnerships with renowned Brand Names, Kapruka follows a distinct path to provide quality products for its customers. Together with a loyal and skilled  workforce, Kapruka passes unorthodox milestones by growing step by step. The exemplary idea of sending gifts is now expanded for many areas. The emergence of Grasshoppers, Kapruka Global Shop, Kapruka Cross Border exports and Java Lounge are the latest achievements of Kapruka’s success story. Every step that is moving forward proves how much Kapruka relies on diversification without adhering to one single concept.

Grasshoppers is Kapruka’s unique delivery fulfillment arm which is also a chosen partner of many local and global businesses. This is an ideal platform for upcoming trades because it puts forward a convenient process for any vendor to tie up online with Grasshoppers. Vendors get the opportunity to maintain their own profiles and once an order is placed by a customer, Grasshoppers will pick and deliver Products Island wide. For more information, click here to visit the website.

Kapruka Global Shop provides a value added service to clients who order goods on global e-commerce sites. This in fact is a mediator who makes online shopping via international sites more secured, reliable and convenient than placing orders directly. Together with an easy payment plan, Kapruka Global Shop provides solutions for barriers and insecurities faced by Sri Lankans when placing orders through foreign e-commerce platforms. For more information, click here to visit the site.

Kapruka Cross Border Exports focuses on selling local products in International e-commerce platforms. 100% Sri Lankan products are promoted for the outside world with this concept. This gives the opportunity for local producers to showcase products that are highly unique to Sri Lanka in the international market.

Hail to all coffee lovers out there! Kapruka’s diversification is clearly brought forward from this amazing concept. Java Lounge Colombo is one of the oldest coffee houses in Sri Lanka. It is well known for emphasizing on serving quality coffee all the time. For more information, click here to visit the website.


Achievements are simply a motivation to grow bigger. The following are some recent awards Kapruka received and click here to find more.

Dulith Herath was recognized as a “YAKADA MINIHA” of Sri Lanka, in a campaign launched by the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development called “PANNARAYA”

In 2018, the Founder & Chairman of Kapruka, Mr. Dulith Herath has won the Asia Pacific Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award. He has won the same award in 2013 as well.

In 2017, the Founder & Chairman of Kapruka, Mr. Dulith Herath has won the Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year award.

In 2017, Kapruka.com (Pvt). Ltd. has won the National Business Excellence Awards.

Kapruka’s Top Commercials

We deliver not only products, but also your deeply rooted emotions towards loved ones. In a world where most of us blame technology for creating a distance between people, we as Kapruka use technology as a tool to connect with people. Our commercials are very popular among any age group because apart from reducing the distance between people, we also attempt to reduce the generation gap. Click here to find more commercials!

Recent Press Articles

“No More Excuses! E commerce is a DO or DIE for Lankan Businesses” – Dulith Herath

Team Events and Career Life at Kapruka 

Satisfaction directly matters for the quality of work. At Kapruka, we strongly believe in team work rather than working individually. It also leads us to work as one family. We believe in unity of employees because the more we are together, the more we are strong. Before we promote the importance of sending gifts and spreading love around, we practice it inside our own work environment. Therefore, we know how it really feels.

These are just a few moments that we have captured to show the bond of Kapruka family.