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Welcome to Kapruka's global shop online price check tool! Here's how it works

  • Find the product you want to buy,
    and paste the full eBay/Amazon/etc. address in the box below, (eBay products need to be "Buy it now!" type).

  • We will send you a detailed quote within few hours
    which will include the final price you pay in Sri Lanka together with tax, shipping and Kapruka fees, etc.

  • Once you get the quote, drop by the global shop,
    and place your order or pay online that's all there is to it! lets go shopping!

  • Kapruka recommends finding your product at for lowest prices and quick shipping to Kapruka USA warehouse

  • Global Price Checker ® and Kapruka Global Shop ® concept is patented process by Kapruka Holdings PLC and globally by Kapruka LLC

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