Kapruka.com is Sri Lanka™s first and largest e-commerce enterprise. Its core business is retail e-commerce in Sri Lanka. In addition to e-commerce, Kapruka has ventured into œLast-mile delivery�, œCross border e-com exports�, œSME marketplace�, œClassifieds�, œPayment Solutions�. Additionally, Kapruka features œAmazon/eBay simulated imports�, œFresh Fruits/Vegetable/Flower Farming�, œB2B Baking Services� and œHighend Coffee Houses.�


Kapruka.com was found in 2005 by Dulith Herath with a small capital of less than 1000$ in hand. Since then it has grown into a multi-billion rupee enterprise without any external investors. The organic growth of Kapruka to date is a unique attribute of the strong business model.


Dulith Herath is an entrepreneur, web-technologies specialist, Founder and the Chairman of Kapruka.com, Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce organization. He is widely credited for setting the bar for Sri Lanka™s online business strategies and web-based benchmarks. Dulith possesses strong technical skills that fuse innovation and new technology-based business models in Sri Lanka. He is also an advocate for improving government policies on tech start-ups and intellectual properties. Incidentally, Dulith Herath is a recipient of the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship.

Before forming Kapruka, Dulith Herath served as a Development Specialist at Dell Perot Systems where hedesigned robust software/web applications for DELL client™s use with the aim ofoptimizing operational efficiency. Additionally, he also worked as anApplication Architect at Microsoft. There he directed and designed newapplications from conception to completion while overseeing the technical staffinvolved with development projects. Dulith is a graduate of the University ofKentucky, USA with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science.

Business Verticles of Kapruka


Kapruka was formed in 2003 primarily to provide world-class service to Sri Lankan’s who shop online. Since then, the growth of Kapruka has been exponential with a global presence and workforce over 300 skilled employees in Sri Lanka. Moreover, Kapruka has established solid partnerships with over 300 sought after brands offering quintessentially Sri Lankan and global products of the highest quality to its ever-growing customer base.

Today, Kapruka.com is Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce organisation offering thousands of products with over 30 types of services. Likewise, their extensive range of gift ideas combined with impeccable professional standards has created a satisfied and loyal clientele. Uniquely, since its inception, innovations inspired by the spirit of creativity and passion has resulted in the unprecedented success of Kapruka.com

Cross Border

Cross border e-commerce is a phenomenon that has quietly gained huge momentum as customers purchase products from outside their borders.  Although this seems an exciting prospect for Sri Lankan brands, the key here is to manage the entire operation seamlessly. Correspondingly, this is where Kapruka brings its expertise in Cross Boarder marketplace to the greater benefit of authentic Sri Lankan brands and products. 

Accordingly, Kapruka.com is Amazon.com™s master seller in Sri Lanka, enabling aspiring local producers to sell using Amazon.com. Additionally, Sri Lankan products can now be listed on Amazon USA which has an active customer base in over 180 countries. Further, the stocks on-demand ordered by overseas customers will be exported to Amazon USA fulfilment centres by Kapruka.

At Kapruka, Cross Border e-commerce focuses on selling local products in international e-commerce platforms. Here, the platform is set to promote 100% Sri Lankan products to the international market. By the same token, this means any handicraft maker, tea trader or even a shoe designer can sell their creations on Amazon.com for the very first time. By all means, this gives the opportunity for local producers to partner Kapruka who will facilitate to showcase their unique products that are highly unique to Sri Lanka in the international market.

However, on the flip side, border payments are difficult and should be managed to ensure that customers at the receiving end are not surprised by additional government levies when items arrive at their final destination. Notably, understanding local taxation and ensuring that the customer pays accordingly is crucial. Otherwise, the purchase will be returned and will fuel an aggravated customer that will harm your business and brand. In particular, at Kapruka the entire process is explained to prospective Sri Lankan companies before onboarding their products to the Cross Border markets.

Grasshoppers / fulfilment and delivery

Ecommerce fulfilment refers to the process of getting the stock Kapruka sells online to the customers who have ordered it. Kapruka primarily sorts, select, pack, and deliver items to customer addresses in Sri Lanka. What is important here is most often Kapruka owns the inventory and does not involve a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to take care of storage and management.

Notably, as Kapruka.com is integrated internally, it seamlessly allows for the bidirectional (and completely automated) flow of order, stock, and delivery information between the Kapruka e-commerce website (where the order is placed) and the Kapruka fulfilment centre (where it™s picked and packed). The last mile delivery arm of this service is by a venture of Kapruka.com named Grasshoppers

Global Shop

Kapruka Global Shop gives customers based in Sri Lanka access to over 50 million global products. For instance, the Global Shop houses a wide range of products from clothing, computers, toys, electronics, CDs to even books listed on popular online shopping portals. Here customers can order from Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Bestbuy and Walmart respectively. Uniquely, Kapruka Global Shop will facilitate in allowing Sri Lankans to order items from these popular online portals and get them shipped for a very nominal shipping fee. Accordingly, customers who order products through the Kapruka Global Shop will benefit with a massive saving as they will only be paying a fraction of the shipping cost instead of the usually high shipping costs from America to Sri Lanka.

As an ultimatum customers will pay what is shown in the on the Auto Price Checker / Email quotation. This price is inclusive of Cost of the item plus Freight charge plus Customs duties, taxes plus customs clearance fees plus Kapruka Global Shop fee. As you will see, it is a very transparent and foolproof method when arriving at the final price of the ordered product.

The Kapruka Global Shop is located at 302 Galle Road, Colombo 4 and can be easily accessed from any location. Significantly, it is designed in a manner where customers can use the computers provided in-house, allowing them to browse products from leading US online shopping portals. Subsequently, customers can purchase products with the guidance and assistance of the friendly Kapruka Global Shop personnel.


Superbox.lk is Sri Lanka’s leading “end to end” online grocery delivery platform. This venture is co-founded by Kapruka founder – Dulith Herath and Sidath Kodikara former President of Retailers™ Association. SUPERBOX provides a wide-range of products from fresh, chilled, frozen and dry categories that is home delivered.  

Java Lounge

Java lounge is Sri Lanka’s largest coffee house chain. The first Java coffee house was found by Kapruka in 2012 on Jawtta Road. Since then it has grown rapidly to become a primier coffee house brand in Sri Lanka. It is catering to the true authentic coffee shop experience, by emphasizing on the high-quality coffee, which have not been compromised whatever the situation. The true reason for the success of Java Lounge is its work force, and some employees being a part of the Java team since its inception. 

Awards / Recognitions and Press

Kapruka.com has been recognized for it’s impact in Sri Lanka’s e-commerce sphere by many Global, regional and state bodies. They include United Nations (UN), ITC (International Trade Center), Eisenhower Foundation (EF), Fredric Newman Foundation (FNF), Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, National Chamber of Exports (NCE), National Business Excellence and Asia Pacific Entrepenures. You may find more details on recent awards of Kapruka.com listed here 

Kapruka.com is often featured in business news articles, publications and press of Sri Lanka. Recent press updates are listed here

Kapruka Goodwill Foundation

This is a non-profit arm of Kapruka, set up in order to give back to the poverty groups and underprivileged families in Sri Lanka.  Find more information here if you’d like to participate or apply for funding to your welfare projects via Kapruka goodwill foundation