Global Shop FAQ

  1. What products can I order through the Kapruka Global Shop?
  • You can search any product on global e-commerce web sites and you may order via ‘Kapruka Global Shop’ except particular product categories which are not allowed to import to Sri Lanka as the rules imposed by Sri Lanka Customs.
  1. From which countries can I order products?
  • Your global e-commerce site should meet following criteria to order via Kapruka Global Shop

 – It should ship products to USA

 – Price should be mentioned in US Dollars

  1. Not allowed to ship – Temporarily (Due to the central bank rules & regulations)
  •    Mobile phone
  •    TVs
  •    Refrigerators
  •    Monitors
  •    Perfumes
  •    A/C unit
  •    Footwear
  1. How can I get price quotation from ‘Kapruka Global Shop’ ?
  • URL (web page link) of your product should be copied and pasted on Kapruka Global Shop Price Quotation tab
  •  Site name / Weight / Dimension of the product will be detected by Kapruka Global Shop auto price checker
  • In Product Type / Tax category – Type your product name (Ex — laptop / watch / toy then it will show the  correct product / tax category)
  • Select your shipping method — Air Freight / Sea Freight : We recommend you to select Sea Freight if your product weight is over 5kg.
  1. What should I be aware of when buying overseas product?
  • Seller’s delivery time to our warehouse (USA / India)
  • Warranty conditions: check the individual product pages for details.
  • Product manuals: instructions and safety warnings are in which language.
  • Product manufactured standards, specifications, labeling requirements, voltage and other electrical standards (requirement of an adapter if needed)
  1. What is included in the price?
  • You will only pay what is shown in final price on the Auto Price Checker / Email quotation.
  • This price is inclusive of Cost of the item + Freight charge + Customs duties, taxes + customs clearance fees + Kapruka Global Shop fee
  1. Product receiving time period / When will I receive my order?
  • Seller’s delivery time to send it to our warehouse (USA / India) is indicated on the product page of global e-commerce site ( business days – weekends and public holidays are not counted)
  • Air Freight – it will arrive in Colombo within 8 to 11 days from the date of item received to our warehouse (USA/India)
  • Sea Freight – it will arrive in Colombo within 4 to 6 weeks from the date item received to our warehouse (USA/India)
  • The customs clearance in Sri Lanka and the first attempt to deliver the order to your doorstep is within above mentioned time duration.

  1. What payment method can I use to buy ‘Kapruka Global Shop’ Products?
  • Pay through Credit Card (secured payment gate)
  • Direct Bank Deposit
  • Pay by Cash
  1. Can I cancel my order of ‘Kapruka Global Shop’ Products?
  • The following cancellation policy will  be applied;                                                                                                                                                                                             – Once we ordered / shipped your product from the main e-commerce site, it won’t be able to cancel. Therefore, you cannot cancel or claim refund on this ground.
  1. Can I return `Kapruka Global Shop’ Products?
  • The following return policy applies to ‘Kapruka Global Shop’ Products;

– If the item is defective / damaged / different than the ordered product or is not according to the  sellers  specification,You have to inform this to Kapruka Global Shop within 24 hrs from the received date.

  1. How can I claim a refund / am I entitled to a refund after returning overseas product?
  • You are eligible for a refund only if your return meets the requirements set out in the ‘Kapruka Global Shop’ Products return policy.