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Kapruka has over 15 years of service reputation in being a central bank approved money remittance service provider in Sri Lanka. This money transfer service gives you best exchange rates and fast delivery options to your home in Sri Lanka

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Frequently Asked questions about Money Delivery in Sri Lanka through Kapruka

Who is Kapruka?

Kapruka is a pioneer e-commerce company of Sri Lanka. We have been in operation for over 15 years. The Kapruka brand is well recognized all over Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans overseas.

How can I send money to Sri Lanka?

Once you place your money order with Kapruka, we will deliver cash to your home in Sri Lanka. We also offer other options such as food city cash pickup and ATM matchine cashe pickups.

Once I place my order, how long will it take to complete the money delivery?

As soon as the order is placed, we start the process right away. We understand that you want the money delivered as speedily as possible. However, in some rare instances there can be unavoidable delays due credit card verifications.

What is the dollar to Lanka rupee exchange rate used?

Currency exchange rates change daily. Kapruka will give you the most competitive exchange rate based on the Central Bank of Sri Lanka's published dollar exchange rate Please do keep in mind there is a Credit Card Processing Fee that we need to factor into the offered exchangerate as these orders are charged to your foreign credit card. However, when you enter the amount you want to order (in foreign currency) Kapruka will show you the EXACT amount in Rupees that will be delivered to the Recipient.

How does Kapruka transfer money into Sri Lanka under money transfer regulations of the country?

Kapruka has this service reviewed and approved by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The Central Bank monitors all transactions we perform under this service on a monthly basis.

Is there a restriction on how much money can be transferred by the Sender?

There is no restriction on the sum of money. However, Kapruka reserves the right to verify large deposits with the Sender via email or telephone.

How do I know my order has been accepted?

Once the Sender has completed the online transaction successfully, an order confirmation notice will be sent to the email address you have provided. Once the order is deliveredyou will receivean email confirming Successful Delivery Status. Kapruka also provides a LIVE Order Tracking facility where you can check the status of your order until successful delivery.

Who is eligible to send money via Kapruka Pita Rata Cash Delivery?

You have to be over 15 years old. The Foreign Credit Card has to be registered in your name.

Can I use someone else's Credit Card to send money?

No. Only the owner of the Credit Card is authorized to send money.

Is there a way I can cancel the order once I have deposited in online?

Yes. You will need to immediately contact the Kapruka office via email or call us and inform us of the cancellation. Cancellation will be effected only once we have acknowledged your email, and within the specified period of days from the date of acknowledgement.

If I wish to cancel the online deposit, will I receive a full refund?

Unlike all other services, there will be NO cancellation charge. Kapruka will fully refund the online deposit Our policy is that if we do not process and provide you with the service, we do not charge you anything.

What happens if I accidentally debit my Credit Card twice?

Kapruka has an unique detection system that will immediately detect and delete any duplicate transactions. Only one transaction will be allowed to proceed at a time.

I have more questions, How do I contact Kapruka?

You could either send us an information request or contact a Kapruka Office Locations is Sri Lanka's Largest Online Shop - A globally trust brand