Ribbed Silicone Crystal Condom

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Introducing the Ultimate in Comfort and Safety: The Silicon Condom for Sri Lankan Lovers 

Experience pleasure and peace of mind like never before with our Silicon Condom, specially designed to enhance your intimate moments while prioritizing your safety. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and the highest quality materials, this condom is the ideal choice for couples in Sri Lanka seeking an exceptional and worry-free experience. 
Key Features: 
1. Premium Silicon Material: Our condom is made from premium medical-grade silicon, ensuring durability, flexibility, and a natural feel that is unparalleled. It`s hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for you and your partner. 
2. Superior Sensation: The thin design of the silicon condom ensures heightened sensitivity during intimate encounters. You`ll feel closer and more connected to your partner, enhancing the pleasure for both of you. 
3. Easy Application: The condom is designed for easy and quick application, so you can focus on the moment without interruption. It rolls on smoothly and fits securely, providing reliable protection. 
4. Secure Fit: We understand the importance of safety. Our silicon condom offers a snug and secure fit to prevent slippage or leakage, providing peace of mind during your most intimate moments. 
5. Discreet Packaging: We respect your privacy. The silicon condom comes in a discreet and compact package for your convenience, making it easy to carry and store. 
6. Environmentally Friendly: We are committed to sustainability. Our condoms are manufactured with eco-conscious practices and materials, reducing the environmental impact. 
7. Trusted Quality: Our products are rigorously tested to meet international safety standards, so you can trust in their reliability and effectiveness. 
Why Choose Our Silicon Condom` 
Enjoy the pleasure of intimacy without compromising on safety. Our Silicon Condom is the perfect choice for couples in Sri Lanka who want to elevate their romantic experiences. It`s time to prioritize your well-being and the quality of your moments together. 
Experience the ultimate combination of comfort, sensitivity, and security. Say goodbye to worries and hello to pleasure with our Silicon Condom. Order yours today and discover the difference for yourself. 
Please remember that safe and responsible intimacy is essential for a healthy relationship. Always use protection, and explore the pleasure of our Silicon Condom with confidence and peace of mind.
Name - Penis reusable crystal silicon condom. 
Ingredients - Medical grade silicon 
Colour - Crystal 
Weight - 70g 
Dimension - 15cm long diameter 4cm

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