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Organic Cinnamon Powder Box - 100g

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Superior quality Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder delivers an authentic experience to your cooking instantly. Health Benefits - Helps people on low sugar diets naturally without the need for sugar. It serves as a wonderful natural sweetener in your cup of tea that makes you consume less sugar to satisfy your taste buds. As little as half a teaspoon of Cinnamon can have positive effects on your blood sugar level, digestion, immunity, etc. Features and Details - Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is the real Cinnamon and low coumarin guilt free addition to your diet. - Cook with it bake with it or add it to your tea, coffee, smoothies and shakes. It makes an amazing taste when adding to hot chocolates. Sprinkle it in your recipes for an added boost of nutrition and flavor. - Full of nutrition and Ceylon Cinnamon packed with variety of protective high source of antioxidants polyphenols, phenolic acid and flavonoids compounds work to fight oxidative stress in the body. - The different antioxidants present in Ceylon Cinnamon help to reduce a multitude of symptoms and diseases as they are free radical scavengers. Can be used to sweeten recipes without added sugar. - It`s natural sweet taste adding Cinnamon to your foods and recipes can help cut down on the amount of sugar you normally use thereby lowering the glycemic load of your email. - Ceylon Cinnamon already has anti diabetic effects that low sugar from releasing into the blood stream which can help manage food cravings and weight gain but using Cinnamon for its taste is another added benefit. - Try using Ceylon Cinnamon in tea, coffee, baked goods, yogurt on fruit or in oatmeal instead of adding extra sugar and calories. This can help you to reduce inflammation causing sugar, extra calories and to fight weight gain, candida, diabetes and low energy levels.
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Vendor - Cinnamon Legends

Brand: MISL

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