Kapruka Gift Delivery Service is trusted since year 2003 in sending gifts to Badulla in Sri Lanka.

Top selling gift categories to Badulla are below:

Cakes to Badulla from Rs 1800 “ Rs 7000

In the first place, for every celebration, a cake is a must. Moreover, when a loved one is not around during special days, it would be so thoughtful to show that you miss him or her. Not to mention, a charming cake together with a customized note is just perfect to make someone happy. As a matter of fact, Kapruka has got a wide variety of cakes for every occasion and you have a lot of amazing choices that suit your intentions.

Java Eggless Chocolate Cake

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Java Coffee Cake Slice

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Java Red Velvet Cake Slice

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Flowers to Badulla from Rs 1500 “ Rs 5500

In like manner, flowers always create positive vibes because they are so refreshing and calming to see. Additionally, sending flowers suits any occasion like Birthdays, Valentine, Christmas, New Year, Mother™s/Father™s days or even for funerals. Uniquely, flowers would simply show how much someone means to you. Further, flowers would be an ideal gift to renew or even reinforce a relationship. In fact, we have offered you a beautiful range of flowers and they correspond with any kind of relationship you have with anyone special.

Country Roses 100 Red Roses Premium Arrangement

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Eternal Bond flower Arrangement - Flowers for Her

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Splendor Of Tender 8 Red Roses Flower Arrangement

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Fruit baskets from Rs 1500 “ Rs 6000

Fruit Baskets are always special if you want to celebrate anything in style. In general, his category is very popular during the New Year and Christmas season. However, fruit baskets are never a bad choice for any other event. Indeed, fruits are always healthy and you need not worry about one™s well being when you decide to gift a Fruit Basket. At Kapruka, we reassure you to deliver quality products, so that you need not feel anxious about the condition when delivered to distant areas. For example, the popularity of this category itself shows how satisfied our customers are with our service. Notably, on our website, we have proposed to you some trendy fruit baskets which are chic and classy.

Did you know that E-commerce brings long-distance relationships closer?

We all know that the Internethas made the whole world a Global Village and e-commerce is one of itsfantastic outcomes. Moreover, e-commerce has helped to rebuild and strengthenrelationships filled with deeply rooted feelings and emotions. In particular,during earlier decades, maintaining closerelationships with friends, family or relatives from cities like Badulla wasjust a dream. For this reason, now we have this beautiful platform- œKapruka.com� which solves this œlong-distance� issue. Moreover,most importantly it always adds more colours to the feelings and emotionsembedded in every relationship.

According to statisticaldata, we have observed that people all around Sri Lanka send special gifts totheir loved ones in Badulla. To enumerate, you may think that delivering presents to faraway places would hinder thequality of it. Indeed, No! weassure you to deliver the presents in a good state. Notably, that™s why we have become Sri Lanka™s Largest Online Shop. Chiefly, we would never be ableto maintain this place if not for the quality and the service we offer.

Delivery charges to Badulla

Delivery charges always depend on the distance and thetype of product you order. For Badulla the delivery charge is approximately Rs.3000. For example, if you order a fresh product like a cake from a 5-starhotel, the delivery charge would be around Rs. 3000. In thiscase, the main reason behind it is that most of theproducts start their journey from Colombo. For this reason, wehave to appoint a dedicated person to handle your order with care becauseultimately what is more important is to deliver the products in good condition.

All areas in Badulla are covered by Kapruka Gift Delivery Service. Namely, we have daily shuttles fromColombo to Badulla to deliver your items fresh and unharmed. The first thingto remember is we are regularly dedicated to giving more value toyour feelings and relationships because we appreciate the love, peace andharmony spread around.

In conclusion, Kapruka is all about spreading love.Perhaps you might think that sending a message or calling to wish can fill theœlong-distance gap�. Yet did you think how special a person would feel if he orshe received a gift specifically sent for him or her?  It must beremembered that this is deeply felt by the ones who are far awaypartly isolated by ones™ community. If you think honestly, you will understandthat your words alone cannot fill the gap because these communication methodsare so common nowadays.

Significantly, even Social media tried to solve this issue by reminding special days like Birthdays. Yet, everybody now knows that nobody would remember those days unless Social Media reminds them. As a result, the value of this genuine act has faded away. Indeed, we try to recover this fracture by moving one step forward.  To point out, love is the best remedy used to strengthen relationships and we as Kapruka appreciate your effort.


Pineapple-Sri Lankan Fruits

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Fruit Heaven Fruit Basket

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Basket Of Happiness With Fruits - wooden fruit Tray, Fruit basket

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