Christmas tree prices in Sri Lanka

A Christmas tree is one of the most significant symbols of the Christmas season.  At the same time, decades ago in Sri Lanka natural Christmas trees were sold in main towns where families would gather to choose their favourite tree. Then again, this was part of the seasonal cheer. However, times have changed and presently, more and more people are buying artificial Christmas trees.  Besides, artificial Christmas tree prices in Sri Lanka is more affordable comparatively.

Natural Christmas tree prices in Sri Lanka market

Natural cypress trees generally hit the streets of Colombo around the end of 2nd week of December. However, although these trees are natural, they do not come cheap. Natural cypress trees are expensive comparatively because fewer and fewer trees are cut each year. In fact, what we get in Sri Lanka are cut branches of cypress trees. By all means, cutting cypress trees is not an organised business. Notability, few individuals have been doing this business of selling natural tress year on year in Colombo.

In general, these trees become pricier each year as transportation and logistical costs increase. Also, many trees are seen unsold after Christmas. In this case, the vendors add these factors to the price of a tree and naturally, they become expensive. For this reason, a natural cypress tree branch can be purchased anywhere between Rs 1000 and Rs 10,000 depending on the height.

Artificial Christmas tree prices in Sri Lanka market

Artificial Christmas trees are a popular Christmas buy that seems to have gained in popularity over the years. They are generally sold at department stores and also available online. Then again, provided you are game to bargain, you can find artificial Christmas trees in Main Street, Pettah too.

For instance, if you like a grand showpiece, a 10 feet artificial green tree could be yours for around Rs 20,000. At the same time, an 8 feet tree ranges between Rs 9,000 to Rs 10,000. Furthermore, trees between 5 to 7 feet could be purchased somewhere around Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000, respectively. By all means, artificial Christmas tree prices have become affordable over the years. Their prices vary depending on the height, fullness and finish.

Artificial Christmas tree – Fairy glow available@Kapruka

To add some Christmas cheer this season, you can also buy a four feet artificial Christmas tree – Fairy glow online for Rs 7,460 from Kapruka. This tree comes with shimmering fibre optic lights with a solid base and top star. It certainly is a worthwhile showpiece to adorn a living room.

Why do people buy artificial Christmas trees?

People buy artificial Christmas trees mainly because the natural Christmas tree prices are getting more and more expensive in Sri Lanka. Some would argue that it is not worth spending such a large amount of money for one time use. Also, after using the natural Christmas tree, you must find a way of disposing of the tree. In this day and age where space is limited, this can be an issue. Also, it is a bit challenging to decorate a natural tree as the sprigs are not as hard and steady.

When considering the above many people have now realised the benefit of an artificial tree. An artificial tree can be stored afterwards for many years of use. You simply remove the pieces and store and subsequently re-fix them each year. Also, when fully decorated, an artificial tree looks modern and well-proportioned, compared to a natural tree. Further, as homes become smaller in size and as lives of people become busy many opt for an artificial tree. However, an artificial tree can never replicate the aroma of a cypress tree.

World’s tallest artificial Christmas tree in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka claimed the title for the construction of the world’s tallest Christmas tree, a Guinness world record at that time. The 72.1-meter high tree was unveiled, to the public on 24th December 2016. The steel-and-wire frame construction was erected, in the Galle Face Green. Consequently, it was covered with more than 1 million natural pine cones painted red, gold, green and silver. It is believed, an estimated 600,000 LED bulbs, were used and the tree was topped by a 6-meter (20-foot) shining star. By and large, the Christmas tree was constructed to help promote ethnic and religious harmony in the country.

Do you deliver Christmas Trees to Kandy in Sri Lanka?

Yes! Of course, at Kapruka, deliveries are made to many cities in Sri Lanka. One of the most frequent questions asked is, whether Kapruka delivers to Kandy. In fact, like other cities, Kandy is one of our favourite cities where we find many Kapruka customers eagerly awaiting deliveries. However, when deliveries are made outside of Colombo, a delivery charge applies.


In Sri Lanka, artificial Christmas trees have become popular due to its versatility and ease of use. Likewise, today you can find artificial Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes. Thus, artificial Christmas tree prices in Sri Lanka vary depending on the height and quality of the tree. Moreover, nowadays Christmas trees are not only purchased by Christians or Catholics. Uniquely, there are instances where people belonging to other faiths also decorate their homes with Christmas trees and ornaments. As a matter of fact, the universal appeal of the Christmas tree is unquestionable.