Yes! Certainly, you can buy Amazon products in Sri Lanka. The process is less cumbersome than you think. Now, thanks to the Kapruka global shop you can order your favourite items from Amazon and get them delivered in Sri Lanka.

Half of America buys from Amazon

Why buy Amazon products?

Today almost half of Americans start their product searches on Amazon. Making it the number one shopping destination. People are primarily motivated to buy Amazon products due to low prices and convenience. Additionally, Amazon is a one-stop-shop where you can buy different things they need at various price points. Further, shoppers can narrow down the list of choices by scrolling through the product reviews. This again is a key reason people buy Amazon products over other retailers.

Buying through Amazon has many benefits

It™s no secret that Amazon has created a convenient and efficient shopping experience that™s difficult to match. However, the fact remains directly ordering from Amazon can have its pitfalls as customs duty and customs clearance applies in Sri Lanka. This is the reality in Sri Lanka. The sheer uncertainty of the entire purchase cycle makes it prudent to partner with a renowned organization like Kapruka Global Shop.

What Amazon products are not allowed to be shipped to Sri Lanka?

This is the tricky one. Many products are not allowed to be shipped through Amazon due to Central Bank regulations. Some of these items include:

  •   Mobile phones
  •    TVs
  •    Refrigerators
  •    Monitors
  •    Perfumes
  •    A/C units
  •    Footwear
  •   Batteries
  •   Liquids

Most popular Amazon products ordered to Sri Lanka through Kapruka Global Shop include computers, computer accessories and spare parts. Reason for this? When you order a laptop from Amazon you avoid the middle man or the agent in Sri Lanka who will keep a hefty margin on the product. Also, some models are not available in the Sri Lankan marketplace. Shopping through Amazon facilitated by Kapruka Global shop fills this void smartly.

How can I get a price quotation for Amazon products from ‘Kapruka Global Shop’?

Now, this is easy! Even a school going kid can do this easily. I have noted below the easy steps to follow when obtaining a quotation from Kapruka Global Shop.


Search the product you like toship to Sri Lanka. This is the key as the entire process will be determined bythe product you select. Here, make sure your search criteria exclude the listof products that cannot be shipped to Sri Lanka.


Copy the URL (web page link) of your product and pasted it onthe Kapruka Global Shop Price checker tool.


Once you paste this link on the price checker tool, the sitename, weight, dimension of the product you selected will be detected by the KaprukaGlobal Shop auto price checker tool.


While you are on the price checker tool, you have to inputthe following details:

  • Product Type / Tax category “ If you are buying a watch, the category should be watches. Also, for a toy, the category should be toys. This is done to obtain the correct tax category applicable for the product you ordered.
  • Select your preferred shipping method ” If you want the product in a hurry you can go for the Air Freight option. Also, for non-urgent orders, you can select the Sea Freight option. Basically, the Sea Freight option is cheaper than Air Freight. It is that simple. Further, we recommend you to select Sea Freight if your product weight is over 5kg.

Once all the fields are filled in the price checker tool you will obtain the:

  • Item price in USD and Sri Lankan rupee
  • Shipping, duties and handling charge
  • Total price
This is how the final cost will be


  • The price quote will expire in the designated amount of minutes and will be displayed for your reference.
  • The current US dollar exchange rate applies when obtaining the quotation.

From which countries can I order products?

Your global e-commerce site should meet the following criteria to order via Kapruka Global Shop:

  • Should ship products from the USA
  • Price should be mentioned in US Dollars

 What methods can I use to buy ‘Kapruka Global Shop’ Products?

  • Pay through Credit Card|Debit Card (secured payment gateway)
  • Direct Bank Deposit
  • Pay by Cash
  • FriMi
  • Sampath Vishwa
  • PayPal

Kapruka Global Shop Return and Refund Policy