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Names for new borns by Ariesen Ahubudu


Date of birth 18.03.1920

Reputed writer, Orator, Playright, Composer of Sinhala songs, Author and Poet.

Recipient of :
Three Government awards for literary works,Title of Kalasuri from the Government of Sri Lanka. Sarasavi award for best composer of film songs. Over 40 years' experience in provding names to new born children. Has also provided names to Government Institutions, Banks, Media Institutions, Newspapers and Trading Organizations.

Sri Lankan

A name should be...
• Striking
• Attractive to others
• Melodious
• Meaningful
• Easy to pronounce
• Rhyming with the surname
• Based on proper numerological calculations to ensure - longevity, progress popularity etc.
• The first letter of a name shoud be selected according to the birth time
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