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 28,335 words

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This online Sinhala dictionary is brought to you with courtesy of S. Godage Books. Kapruka possess exclusive rights to provide this dictionary service to online users free of charge.

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Frequently asked questions about this Dictionary

Can I add my own words and definitions to the dictionary?
No. However, you may request us to add words that you can't find in this dictionary.

Can I download the entire dictionary to my computer?
The significations in this dictionary is copyrighted and belongs to Kapruka.com and S. Godage Books. You are not allowed to download or re-use any images or meanings. This online dictionary may only be used for the purpose of reference and learning Sinhala and Tamil languages.

Can I search in Sinhala or Tamil to get the English definition of a word?
No. You may only do lookups using English words in this dictionary.

How do I listen to the pronunciation of a word?
Click on the green play button next to the definition of the Sinhala / Tamil language word.

Is this dictionary completely free to it's users?
Yes. This is a free service. This online dictionary is one of the non-profit projects launched by Kapruka.

What other free services are offered by Kapruka?
Visit our free services page.

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