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Use of diapers Healthy

Similarly, in those who have certain diseases, for example patients with urinary incontinence (unable to hold BAK), impaired mobility (as in the stroke or paralysis) and dementia.

Not only that. Some over work make adults would want to use diapers. For example, the artists, because their work location erratic like a forest or in the mountains of difficult access to clean toilets.

How to overcome diaper rash

In choosing an adult diaper to be careful, Diaper rash may cause redness, irritation, itching, skin infections (bacterial, fungal), and wound resound. Then, how choosing the right adult diapers`

Here are some criteria that you should consider in choosing an adult diaper:

Clinically tested

Adult diaper that has been clinically tested by the medical establishment that is reliable, it would be safe to use for all skin types and even for sensitive skin.

Has a number MOH

Adult diaper products that already have a number means the department of health has been tested by health authorities.


Size is an important thing to consider in choosing an adult diaper. If the size is not right, its function would not be maximal.

Diapers that are too large or too small can result in leakage and uncomfortable when used. To determine the size of adult diapers that fit waistlines determined from the user. This is usually printed on the product packaging


To select materials adult diapers preferably soft fabric as soft as fabric and ventilated so not hot and uncomfortable to use either the inner surface or outer surface.

Do not be embarrassed to use adult diapers if you really need them. Most importantly, look for the right diaper for you!

AdFit is an adult diaper product of the highest quality that is present to overcome the problem of urine incontinence and has been clinically tested by the Dermatologist as an adult diaper that is safe for sensitive skin so it is safe to use on any skin type.

Adult diapers AdFit has Three Sizes have the advantage according to the needs of people with incontinence; Medium, Large & Extra Large

1) Material that circulates the air.

2) Ultra soft cover, which makes soft so avoid irritation.

3) Durable Absorbent Core has extra dry fast absorption that makes its surface remains dry.

Brand: Marvel

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