Harrow Ceylon Choice BOPF Tea 400g

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Introducing Harrow Ceylon Choice (BOPF) Tea – a masterpiece crafted from the finest tea leaves cultivated in our very own high-elevation tea gardens. Experience the essence of unblended luxury as you embark on a sensory journey that transcends ordinary tea-drinking. Our commitment to quality starts with selecting the best single estate tea leaves, ensuring a pure and authentic flavor profile that reflects the unique characteristics of our terroir. Grown at high elevations, where the air is crisp and the soil is enriched, our tea leaves develop a depth of flavor and aroma that`s truly unparalleled. Harrow Ceylon Choice BOPF Tea is a symphony of taste and aroma, expertly crafted from carefully plucked BOPF grade tea leaves. These leaves, known for their robustness and full-bodied flavor, undergo a meticulous process to bring out their inherent richness. To preserve this unparalleled quality, we`ve chosen food-grade Zip-lock aluminum pouches as the vessel for our tea. These pouches act as guardians of freshness, shielding the delicate leaves from moisture, light, and air. Each time you open a pouch, you`re greeted by an intoxicating burst of aroma, as if the tea leaves have just been plucked. Indulge in a cup of Harrow Ceylon Choice BOPF Tea and let the soothing amber liquor cascade into your cup. The sip is an exploration of taste, beginning with a brisk, lively note that gently transforms into a mellow sweetness. As you savor every sip, you`ll discover intricate layers of flavor, unveiling the expertise that goes into crafting each batch. Whether you`re a seasoned tea enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of premium teas, Harrow Ceylon Choice BOPF Tea offers an experience that is as refined as it is authentic. Elevate your tea-drinking rituals with a tea that celebrates tradition, quality, and the natural beauty of Ceylon`s highlands.

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