Peradeniya City in Sri Lanka

Peradeniya City in Sri Lanka
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Kandy District - Peradeniya
Peradeniya is a small town on the Banks of Mahaweli River and is situated on the Colombo Kandy Road, just before entering the Kandy Municipal Council limits. The Road from Kandy to Gampola branches off at Peradeniya, Peradenitya is also linked to Katugastota by Road. Peradeniya is an important Railway Station on the Colombo Kandy Railway. It is at Peradeniya that the Railway branches off to Badulla. Peradeniya is best known two things. The First is the Botanical Gardens and the other is the University of Peradeniya. The Botanical Gardens on the bank of Mahaweli River was started in the 19th Century by the British. And is a very popular both among local and foreign tourists. The University which was started around 1950 was the first University of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) with Sir Ivor Jennings, the famous writer on the British Constituting as the first Vice Chancellor. The University is well known for it’s artistic buildings and picturesque location. During the Second World War Peradeniya came to be the Head Quarters of the Eastern Command under Mountbatten Peradeniya is also known for the Agricultural Research Institute of Gannoruwa. Gannoruwa , a part of Peradeniya is historically known for the famous battle of the Sinhalese against the Portuguese in the 16th Century in which the Sinhala Amy defeated the Portuguese Army who came to conquer Kandy.
Peradeniya Hospital Phone Numbers: +94 081-2388001-2
Peradeniya Police Station Phone Numbers: +94 081-2388222
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