Pre-Order iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max

When can I get the iphone 11 to my hand in Sri Lanka

Kapruka will order the iphone from USA apple store rightaway. We expect to receive the phone into Kapruka US shipping center on 25th of September. and estimated dated arrival into Sri Lanka is 5th October.

Is the USA sales tax included in the price?

USA sales tax of 8% is already included on the price. No additional fees are required by you for this pre-order than the listed price above.

Are all Sri Lankan taxes included in the iphone 11 price?

Yes - above price includes all taxes

What is the USD to LKR conversion rate used to quote this price?

Rs 178 per USD rate is used for above price

What is the warranty you offer?

You will receive the original apple international warranty