Pre-Order iPhone 12 Mini / 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max

Frequently Asked questions about iPhone 12 Pre-Order through Kapruka

When can we expect to receive the phone into Sri Lanka?

Apple will start shipping 12 and 12 Pro on 23rd October. Pro Max and mini versions will start shipping on November 13.We can expect to receive in Sri Lanka within 25 days from the time Kapruka receives your phone from Apple. We estimate this to be End of November for 12 and 12 Pro. End December for Mini.

Does the price include 8% USA sales tax?

Yes it does. The product will come directly to Kapruka's USA warehouse in state of Ohio and then be shipped to Sri Lanka.

Are all local taxes included in the iphone 12 price?

Yes - above price includes all taxes.

What is the USD to LKR conversion rate used to quote this price?

Rs 182 per USD rate is used for above price.

What is the warranty you offer?

You will receive the original Apple international warranty.

When does Pre ordering start?

Apple has started pre order acceptance now. Kapruka has started to place your pre orders with apple USA as soon as you place the order with us.