Molten Football F5V 4800

US$ 51.43

Vendor: Ralhum Sports

Ralhum Trading Company Pvt. Ltd was established in 1996 primarily to take care of the sports and consumer industry. It was established initially catering to the cricket industry but gradually expanded its portfolio to now include global brands such as Dunlop, Slazenger, Molten, Grays, Stiga, Carlton, Whale, Eagnas, BDM, AS and FBT covering each sport strategically. It can be now proudly stated that Ralhum is the leading sports distributing company in Sri Lanka.
Product details:
  • Football.Number of Panels: 32
  • Surface Finish: High Glossy.
  • Cover Material: PU Leather.
  • Bladder: Latex.
  • Size: 5
  • Construction: Hand Stitched.

Brand: Ralhum Sports
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