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Her Majesty Body Mist - Summer Song - Ladies

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Her Majesty Body Mists are great to use after a shower or a bath to smell beautiful and refreshing. This is a fruity floral scent, but still light enough for everyday usage. If you like fruity florals you will love this. It is quickly absorbed and dried on the skin and can be used every day as part of your skincare routine. Her Majesty Body Mists gives a modern, sophisticated bouquet that`s 100% vegan. Grab a body mist that suits you best, to stash in your desk drawer, handbag and gym bag.

Top Notes ` Bergamot, Citrus
Heart Notes ` Yellow flower, Peach, Sparkling water
Base Notes ` Woody, Musk

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Yes. Kapruka makes sure all it's products are 100% originals comming direct from Authorized brand distributors
Online price at Kapruka is U$ 2.50

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Kapruka is the only known most reliable service in Srilanka. Would never hesitate to recommend and purchase from their website online.Their customer service is par excellence they tell u like it is never sugar coat the delivery timeline. So I appreciate that honest information. Keep up the great work!!
Awesome service and very timely

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