Casio Youth Digital Watch For Men (DB23)

US$ 53.00

Vendor: Kapruka Direct Imports

 More often than not the company you are with judge you by the clothes and accessories you wear. If you are the kind of person who is conscious about the image he portrays when he is out in public, this Casio wristwatch for men just might be the accessory to help you gain those admirable as well as envious glances from your onlookers.

Hailing from the Data Bank line of Casio`s digital watches, this feature packed timepiece is sure to have an answer to every one of your daily needs; whether it is figuring out the day of the month, helping you set reminders or more simply, precisely tell time. The time keeping device is powered by a highly efficient battery that keeps the various features of the device ready to function at the touch of a button. Furthermore, the sleek and slender design of the timepiece makes for the ideal casual wear accessory to accentuate the clothes you wear to college or work.

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