Kitchen Knife Viva New Giza (18cm)

US$ 16.44

Vendor: MJ and JQ (Made in japan and Japan Quality)

Product Features

  • An expert craftsman in Gifu prefecture designed this almighty kitchen knife with a special fine wave type sharpening.
  • One advantage of the straight blade can be seen when cutting vegetables etc. and the advantage of the wave blades when cutting bread etc.,It cuts well and lasts for a long time. When we compare the sharpness, this blade lasts longer about ten times than a normal straight blade.
  • The blade part is subjected to dimple (irregularities) processing on both sides.
  • Therefore, cutting ingredients will not stick.Handle with easy to grip is more useful than in usual knives.Since it is designed to cut hard ingredients such as pumpkin comfortably, the handle is raised up a little bit upwards so that energy could easliy enter.
  • Convenient and easy to use in cooking of various ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables Blade 18 cm kitchen knife. 

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