Vacuum Pum And Lid Set

US$ 14.50

Vendor: MJ and JQ (Made in japan and Japan Quality)

Product Features

  • Place V cover on your container (bowl, bowl, bowl, cup etc) and ball Etc, use V saver (optional). This is quick and easy. You can keep the vacuum on, so that you can keep the freshness of the ingredients longer.
  • Suppress oxidation of food by touching oxygen in the air,Discoloration and degeneration of food occurred from usual refrigeration and frozen storage and deterioration can be suppressed, and the preservation period can be prolonged.
  • The V cover has 2 sizes (large: φ 16 cm, small: φ 13 cm)Can be used according to the dimension of the vessel. Large size on the backWith silicone packing, it is about 7 to 15 cm in size,It corresponds to a diameter size of about 7 to 12 cm
  • Unlike rap, it can be used many times, it is energy saving.
  • When releasing the internal vacuum, remove the center degassing valve (yellow)It is easy to operate, just have to knock down.
  • V covers can be boiled.Heat resistant 100 ℃, can be stored frozenIt is cold-resistant - 40 ℃. Materials are robust to withstand vacuum pressure`PCTG resin` is adopted.

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