Special Couple Pot Biriyani

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Vendor: Pot Biriyani

Basmati Rice, Prawn Masala, Fried Chicken, Green pea curry, Raitha and Boiled egg.

About Pot Biriyani
POT Biriyani has come a long way in serving the traditional Biriyani in a POT, to our very own Kottu and String hopper Biriyani, and much much more to choose from a wide variety dished out in our menu. The fusion flavored home cooked POT Biriyani is a must. We bring you the best of flavor and culture

Pot Biriyani is a small home cookery which specializes in biriyani. Chicken, mutton, prawn, veg. It`s takeaway or delivery and it`s meant for groups - eight people by default. As the name implies, everything comes in clay pots. You get the usual biriyani pot, kottu pot, pittu baabath pot, even dessert pot.

All foods are Indian and Halal

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1 Portion is enough for 2 people

Customer ratings for Special Couple Pot Biriyani

Great. On tine
I enjoyed the shopping experience with Kapruka. Sorry to say some of the items that showed in the picture were not delivered.Very disappointed about it.
I love your services however the food was delivered today at 1.45 pm for lunch which is not acceptable. I order your services regularly over 10 years. My mother in law is 86 and awaited for a long time.
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