Macarons(gmc) - 200g Online at Kapruka | Product# chocolates00431

Macarons(gmc) - 200g

US$ 18.29

Vendor: Gerard Mendis Chocolatier

These French macarons have crisp delicate outer shells with smooth creamy fillings of strawberry, blueberry, caramel, chocolate, coffee, orange, butterscotch and vanilla.
For this special holiday season, Gerard Mendis Chocolatier has a treasure of goodies to bring the magic of Christmas to your home. Whether you`re looking for something indulgent to share with your nearest and dearest, or hoping to surprise someone with a unique gift or delight the little ones with festive sweets, look no further. Gerard Mendis Chocolatier has the most amazing array of Christmas favourites including chocolate Santas, Gingerbread Houses, traditional Breudhers, elegant Yule Logs, chocolate Christmas Tree centerpieces, Jingle Bell cookies and so much more.

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