Cinnamon Lakeside Cakes are not recommended for out of Colombo delivery and must be ordered at least 24 hours before the delivery date. The chocolate coating on these cakes tends to melt faster.

Monte Cristo

US$ 33.39


Weight: 2lbs (0.9Kg)

Vendor: Cinnamon Lakeside (Trans Asia) Cakes

A Brownie base cake, arrange with two layers of chocalate cake and granache layer sandwitch with hazel nut cream.

Gift your loved ones with the tempting and fabulous cakes, from a place where `The Perfection is mastered`. Absolutely irresistible and deliciously baked fresh cakes from Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, is the best way to please and make your loved ones delightful on a memorable day. Kapruka in relation with The Cinnamon Lakeside who have won the millions of hearts of the Sri Lankans around the world, facilitates its customers to declare the deepest thoughts for a special person in their world with this truly magical taste blended with the artistic and edible creativity

Note:Recommended Only for Colombo Delivery

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