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Krypton KNF5405 Rechargeable Mini Fan With Light

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  • Krypton Desk - Clip USB Fan!Working on an office desk, mini compact body, but to provide you with strong wind, let you work at ease. Afternoon, turn on to sleeping speed, let you enjoy perfect rest. At weekend, place it on the table in the courtyard, let you enjoy your reading time. In the garden, clip me on the weeder so that you can enjoy the cool wind while working. Kitchen, cooking in summer, still enduring sweltering fumes` Clip this. Perfect for traveling, or outdoor sports such as fishing, hiking, backpacking, BBQ, picnic, biking, boating.The air-conditioner in your car cannot reach all the way in your car` Want to keep your baby cooler outside` This clip fan will be perfect for all summer outdoor activities and you can even use it on a car. Meet your needs easily, 3-speed fan control available. You can choose the fan speed from low to high suit your needs. The fan can be rotated to any angle that you want to get the direct airflow. Take it Along with You, it is lightweight and portable with a clip design, so you can clip it on to various things for cooler, like a stroller, wheelchair, desk, table, bedroom stand, etc. It comes with led light with 3 different settings high medium and low light which give 10 hours, 20 hours, and 100 hours continuous night light.Thanks to the strong motor, the clip fan can maximize airflow and reduce drag and noise. It is super easy to charge this portable fan as it is compatible with USB charging by a computer, laptop, power bank, USB Charger, cellphone adapter, car charger, etc.

Brand: Krypton
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