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Wijaya was brutally gunned down outside our home on the 16th of February 1988. This book was written and produced to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his death, and keep alive his memory and the ideals he espoused. Wijaya was my life`s partner and we raised two children, but he did not live to see them grow up. We shared a vision for our country and sought a solution for its burning issues based on humaneness, equality, justice and plurality. Towards this, we journeyed together and he took many daring and unconventional initiatives and made many sacrifices, including going to jail for his beliefs when the powers that were felt threatened. He made the ultimate sacrifice, as also other great leaders and brave civilians in our nation have, in the cause of their beliefs. This is a book about the man who transformed himself from mirroring life through the cinema to seeking to make a change for his country. I hope it will be an inspiration and encouragement to all our people and the younger generation, in particular, to pursue bravely their beliefs and values for a just and humane society. `Wijaya` is written by Chandrika Kumaratunga

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