Online Kapruka Freshly Baked Cakes For Delivery in Sri Lanka

Kapruka Freshly Baked Cakes For Delivery

Kapruka cakes are freshly baked exclusively for home delivery using the right blend of fine and premium ingredients.

Freshly Baked Cakes for online orders

Frequently Asked questions about Kapruka Cakes

Are Kapruka cakes made fresh daily?

Yes. Kapruka bakery is known for over a decade for its fresh qualiity. Every cake is made fresh for the order.

Are Kapruka cakes Halal?

Main ingredients used in Kapruka cakes such as flour, sugar, icing, butter, etc are fully Halal certified. Some cakes may have small decorative elements that are not certified.

What is the butter used in Kapruka cakes?

Kapruka uses Anchor butter to maintain the high quality of it's receipies

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Should you order a chocolate cake or a ribbon cake? Visit the Kapruka e-commerce site and you will have a host of other flavours, toppings, fillings and garnishing to choose from, which means that there is a cake for everyone. If the recipient counts calories or is worried about the levels of sugar, Kapruka has cakes with more fruits and cream than icing. If you want something devilishly dripping with chocolate, your head will probably start spinning with the multitude of options, if you want a slight deviation from a typical cake, say a brownie cake or a tiramisu cake we at Kapruka have all of those requirements under control.

The demands and stipulations can be complicated when it comes to Sri Lanka birthday cakes with themes, prints and images being requested. Previously you would have to either laboriously bake these in your own kitchen or equally labour to find a place that can cater to your need. With Kapruka, not only is the customization simple where you need to purely upload an image of what you require but the online price is also reasonable. Hence you have nothing to fear when you need to order cakes in Sri Lanka as we have all the bases covered.

Our very own collection of cakes is in high demand, yet we do arrange the delivery of birthday cakes from a number of partners including Fab and some of the top hotels. Cake delivery Sri Lanka has never been this convenient, where the freshness, taste, quality and promptness are all undertaken and guaranteed by one party, namely Kapruka. Sri Lanka is a great place full of people who have the habit of giving and gifting; we underpin these habits with a seamless online shopping experience where you can shop online for virtually anything. We were the pioneers of facilitating the purchasing or gifting of online cakes in Sri Lanka and we strive hard to deliver the best for you and your loved ones no matter what the requirement is and we will continue to surprise and delight.

Toll free customer feed back and buying support line: +1-800-651-5099
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