Vitamin C tablets in Sri Lanka are a popular search item online during these Covid infected times. Although not scientifically linked to preventing Covid in particular, its immunity-boosting characteristics are well known. This together with Zinc acts as a double formula to build immunity by boosting the antibodies.

Can get plenty of Vitamin C from oranges

What is Vitamin C?

We all know it is an essential nutrient that plays several roles in our bodies. Of course, as written in medical journals it is a potent antioxidant.  Moreover, this means it can neutralize unstable compounds in your body called free radicals. Also, it can help prevent or reverse cellular damage caused by these compounds. Additionally, the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin C is 90 mg per day. Correspondingly, it™s pretty easy to meet your vitamin C needs through your diet as long as you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. For example, a single medium orange provides 77% of the DV. In like manner, practically we don™t have the time to eat oranges daily in Sri Lanka. Also, Oranges are expensive in Sri Lanka as they are imported.

There are many ways to get Vitamin C naturally

How does it affect immunity?

In medical parlance, it is written that Vitamin C affects your immune health in several ways.

  • Its antioxidant activity can decrease inflammation, which may help improve your immune function.
  • It also keeps your skin healthy by boosting collagen production. This help the skin serves as a functional barrier to keep harmful compounds from entering your body.
  • It promotes wound healing
  • In addition, Vitamin C promotes the growth and spread of lymphocytes. This is a type of immune cell that increases your circulating antibodies, proteins that can attack foreign or harmful substances in your blood. I am no expert on this but this is what I have read and come to understand.

Vitamin C and COVID-19

Presently, there is a lot going for Vitamin C in the marketplace. People have got used to ordering online loads of such tablets. This may be due to a point of thought that it helps in curbing the Covid virus.  

  • In an article published in the Chinese Journal of Infection Diseases, the Shanghai Medical Association endorsed the use of high dose vitamin C. Here it is said that it was used as a treatment for hospitalized people with COVID-19. Additionally, if you want to read more about you can Google this.
  • Also, the said journal states that doses that are magnitudes higher than the DV are recommended to be given through IV to improve lung function. Likewise, this may help keep a patient off of mechanical ventilation or life support. Notably, Chinese researchers have also registered a clinical trial to further study the effectiveness of IV vitamin C in hospitalized people with COVID-19.

However, it™s important to note that vitamin C isnot yet a standard part of the treatment plan for COVID-19 because the evidenceis still lacking.

Choosing a Vitamin C supplement

If you do choose to take it as a supplement, it™s important to choose one that™s high quality. Also, you must take the correct dose.

  • While supplements are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they aren™t held to the same safety standards as pharmaceuticals. Thus, it™s important to purchase supplements from reputable companies.
  • Additionally, the Upper Limit (UL) for supplemental vitamin C ” the amount most people can consume daily without negative effects ” is 2,000 mg
  • Most vitamin C supplements provide a daily dose of anywhere from 250“1,000 mg. By all means, it can be easy to exceed the UL if you™re not careful. In particular, be sure to read the packaging and take only the recommended dose to avoid complications.

If you have any concerns about taking such supplements, you should consult your healthcare provider before adding them to your routine.

What do I take for daily immune care?


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Ceylon Black Pepper Seeds

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Well! if you want a medication that is simple to take, we suggest Vitamin C tablets. For one thing, you can easily order the tables from Kapruka. Here, what you get is a brand called Cimune orange flavoured tablets that are chewable. In particular, Cimune tablets are manufactured in India by Zydus Healthcare Limited. Notably, Zedus Healthcare ( is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India with a global reach. Following are some of the benefits of taking Vitamin C tablets.

  • Helps to protect from Infections including Viral Infections
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen your body™s natural defences
  • Helps to provide the right nutrition balance for the entire body
  • High intake has been shown to have a protective effect on thinking and memory as you age
  • Basically, anyone can take it as taken in moderation it is not harmful to the body.

The bottom line is Vitamin C is an important nutrient that keeps your immune system functioning properly. To get plenty of immune-strengthening vitamin C in your diet, make sure you™re eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. However, the shortcut to this is to chew a few tablets daily.