Send Gifts to Negombo

Want to send gifts to Negombo? With Kapruka, it is just a piece of cake now…

What is the delivery fee to Negombo?

Delivering a product is basically the most important part of sending a gift. All products are not having similar features. The state of the product (whether it is fragile or not) directly affects the quality of delivery . Therefore, Kapruka delivery team gives priority for the products accordingly. As a matter of fact, the delivery fee depends on the product and the distance. Approximately it is between Rs. 475 and Rs. 975 and can slightly vary due to valid reasons.

Top 05 Gifts sent to Negombo

Sending a gift is one of the best ways to make someone feel special. This is the exact reason why Kapruka is popular among people. We always provide trendy ways to celebrate special moments and ultimately it helps to strengthen your relationships. Negombo is a beautiful city where you can find people who genuinely love and care. For that reason, we witnessed a wide variety of gifts sent to Negombo. Among all, below are the most popular.

1) Cakes

There is no need to explain the popularity of Kapruka cakes because they are the symbol of perfection. The most interesting fact about Kapruka cakes is that they are aimed at a big audience. Kapruka cakes are created focusing on different occasions. We already know about Anniversary, Birthday and General Cakes. Interestingly, a new category was born recently targeting Hen and Bachelor Parties as well. Since Kapruka cakes update according to the interests of our customers, the popularity never dies.

2) Fruit/ Vegetable Baskets

This is a healthy gift and when considering the contemporary trends, Fruit/ Vegetable baskets are considered to be chic and worthy. Kapruka provides extra attention towards the quality of the products because we know it is extremely important to deliver them in good quality. This is a very good choice irrespective of any occasion and it can always add colors to any moment.

3) Flowers

Offering flowers is an undying trend. We introduce various flower arrangements for different occasions. This category is frequently updating because it is fast moving and trendy. We also provide the opportunity for the customers to customize the arrangements according to their wish because we believe in their creativity.

4) Chocolates

This is a sweet gift for your loved ones. A chocolate is a secret way of expressing how much a person mean to someone. We have a wide variety of chocolates that suit your taste buds and this category is mostly popular among the youth.

5) Fashion Items

Fashion is always updating. Receiving trendy items as gifts gives the best feeling ever. For that reason, we have partnered with the best brands to offer you the greatest fashion items. Moreover, we have made it easy for you to select items by providing necessary details like sizes and colors.

Why we do this?

Because we want people to connect and maintain relationships –We will never let your relationships fall apart due to long distance or busy life schedules. With e-commerce, the whole world is a global village now. We suggest new ideas for you to manage your life easily.

Because it is not a conventional method – Clichéd  methods do not bring out genuine pleasure because they are too conventional. Kapruka always introduce new ideas to deviate from monotony.

Because everybody loves surprises – Surprises are the best remedies for a cheerful life. We never know the psychological conditions of our loved ones. Yet, if we take a few minutes to make a person realize how much he/she mean to us, it will help to end depression and anxieties. It is just your genuine thought that matters.

Because life is so easy when everything is reachable – Because of your tight schedules, we introduce smart ways to make your life easy. Now almost everybody is familiar with the concept of E-Commerce. Therefore, there is no need to worry about buying necessary items you need. Everything will be at your doorstep just in time.

Because we love to see everybody celebrating their  moments – Earning money is important, but at the same time spending money is the most vital part. If you do not spend money to enjoy your moments, what is the use of all your efforts? At the end of the day, it is always nice to have beautiful memories that you can talk about.

Kapruka delivers products not only in Negombo, but also island-wide.  Let your loved ones feel your affection towards them. Life is too short for worries and anxieties. So make your life easy by this interesting platform and witness the beauty of your relationships.