Online birthday cards in Sri Lanka are a god™s send. Why do I say so? Without them imagine having to visit a greeting card shop to select the appropriate card. Furthermore, writing the address, going post office, affixing a stamp and posting. Regardless, what a time consuming tedious exercise. Now, thanks to Kapruka having online birthday cards in Sri Lanka you can save time, effort and money. By all means, you will rest assured that your precious greeting will be definitely delivered to the intended address.  

Select from 100s of designs

Online birthday cards@Kapruka

At you can find many types of online birthday cards. Notably, apart from all important birthdays, you can choose online cards for almost every imaginable occasion. In general, for obvious reasons, birthday cards are the most popular online cards category at Kapruka. After all, everyone has a birthday every year!

Many of Kapruka™s online birthday cards are designed just for birthdays, with images of birthday cakes and balloons. So whether you™re looking for a traditional online birthday card orsomething more specific to the tastes of the lucky recipient, you can be sureof finding the perfect birthday at Kapruka.

How to order online birthday cards at Kapruka

Step 1: Choose an online birthday card template you prefer

Step 2: Add the online birthday card you choose to the cart and checkout.

Step 3: Write your personal message either in English, Sinhala or Tamil

Wite your personal birthday greeting/message

Your order summary will display the cost of the card and delivery cost

Order summery

Step 5: Proceed to payment. Here you can pay by credit or debit card

What to Write in a Birthday Card

Want to make the recipient cry, laugh, or go into fits of giggles? Make your Kapruka online birthday cards one-of-a-kind with a custom message and a unique note on the inside. For even more inspiration, see below:

For example, the below casual,short birthday messages are always a nice touch.

  • I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!
  • Enjoy your special day.
  • Have the best birthday ever!
  • Wherever the year ahead takes you, I hope it’s happy.
  • The day is all yours ” have fun!
  • Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you everything happy.

Happy birthday message for a for a Friend 

Sometimes you just want to tell someone, œThanks for being a good friend.� An online birthday card is a great way to do just that.


  • Happy Birthday to a friend I couldn™t live without!
  • In case I don™t tell you often enough, I really appreciate your friendship.  And I™m so grateful for all you bring to my life!
  •  Girl, age can™t handle your hotness! Happy Birthday, Friend.
  • It just occurred to me that we really are becoming OLD friends. So glad we are.
  • Love you, my sweet friend. Happy Birthday.
  • In my soul, I call you sister. Happy Birthday to a phenomenal woman.
  • Hope every little piece of this day is good.

Covid-19 Lockdown Birthday Wishes 2021

Coronavirus, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing measures have made 2021 a year to remember for all the wrong reasons! So take a moment to let someone know you’re thinking of them from afar on their birthday with one of these short message ideas to inspire you.

  • Happy Birthday! There’s no one else I’d rather be quarantined with.
  • Happy Birthday! Sit back, relax, and celebrate how truly wonderful you are with a well-deserved quarantine!
  • Today I’ll be singing happy birthday to you twice every time I wash my hands and sending lots of birthdays to love your way. Have a good one!
  • I can’t wait to be less than 6 feet away from you! Happy birthday!
  • On the bright side, at least you don’t have to share your birthday cake with anyone else this year!

Kapruka paper online birthday cards

Rest assured! The online birthday cards at Kapruka are all physical paper cards. Why we say online is because you can order them online. Once you make the order online, your online birthday card will be delivered by the Kapruka delivery team to the designated address.

Online birthday cards collections

Kapruka™s awe-inspiring happy birthday card collection includes layouts for adult, child and teen birthday cards. Also, you can find birthday greeting cards for significant birthday milestones too.  Certainly, these cards are a novel way to make your birthday message stand out from the crowd.

Apart from online birthday cards, Kapruka has a huge selection of online greeting cards, to make your friends, family and loved ones feel amazing. Shop their online card range, including:

  • Birthday cards
  • Anniversary cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Valentine’s Cards
  • Father’s Day cards
  • Mother™s Day cards
  • Sympathy cards

But now the prospect of leaving the house just to find, buy, and send a card is even more of an impossible task. Remember we are within a Covid pandemic. Online greeting cards make the process so much easier. Not only can it be done from the comfort of your couch, but Kapruka online greeting service will also physically send out your greeting card, without you ever having to touch it.

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