No Limit apparel in Sri Lanka is a home-grown Sri Lankan brand that has spearheaded apparel retail inclusivity throughout the country. From developing Sri Lankan labels to introducing the best retail concepts from around the globe to Sri Lanka, No Limit apparel in Sri Lanka has brought forward change in the industry.

No Limit apparel in Sri Lanka for the entire family

 Sri Lanka™s biggest fashion chain ˜No Limit™ offers a wide range of clothes and accessories for Men, Women and Kids. Their retail stores houses a range of Homeware and Lifestyle products to complement a comprehensive family shopping experience for all of their customers. Incidentally, No Limit in Sri Lanka is known not just for clothing, but also for fashion jewellery, watches, handbags, shoes and homeware and more.

Branches of No Limit apparel in Sri Lanka

Colombo is generally where the economy and fashion are concentrated in Sri Lanka. In a bid to afford fashion to those living away from Colombo, No Limit has opened many branches out of Colombo. Hence, No Limit wanted to provide customers with the same facilities and choice of products available in Colombo. Additionally, there are many choices for customers as they have a complete wardrobe at No Limit. Of course, this is the reason No Limit has opened showrooms outstation so that they can provide fashion to everyone.

No Limit apparel in Sri Lanka: The beginning

In 1992, they opened a store in Dehiwala, it was small, only about 250 square feet. Subsequently, they opened another bigger store in Dehiwala. Later they moved to Liberty Plaza. Incidentally, they had a goal to open at least one showroom every year. Furthermore, the founders of No Limit believed that if customers are happy, then they will spread the word. Likewise, that was the drive they had. Again, as popularly told the rest is history. Additionally, No limit and their sister brand Glitz has spread to many parts of Sri Lanka and continues to evolve in these challenging times.

No Limit apparel in Sri Lanka: Showcasing their own brands

No Limit believes International brands are comparativelyexpensive. Hence, they have their own designers working with them who are allprofessionally qualified. Equally, theybelieve this is an opportunity for them to customise fashion to suit the SriLankan market. As a matter of fact, NoLimit has introduced a more reasonably priced Sri Lankan brand, Deedat.  Uniquely,Deedat has since gained popularity as it is affordable and caters to practicaltastes.

Furthermore, some of their other brands include MBRK, NLM,Huf & Dee, Pink Elephant, Singing Fish, Salma, Niza, ZED, Amr, Sara, TomDavid, Fia Maria and Guru. Correspondingly,at No Limit, they continuously renew their collections and develop theproduct and consider clothing that is suitable for the tropical climate of SriLanka.

No Limit Sri Lanka™s largest fashion chain.

No Limit is Sri Lanka™s biggest fashion chain. In particular, No Limit and their sister brand Glitz has twenty branches located islandwide. For one thing, No Limit is dedicated to offering maximum customer satisfaction to the Sri Lankan public. For this reason, No Limit apparel in Sri Lanka offers inimitable fashion clothing and accessories with over 50,000 varieties to choose from. To enumerate, No Limit offers an unlimited choice to its discerning customers spread far and wide.

No Limit apparel in Sri Lanka: Gift vouchers

If you™re looking for new ideas to get for the man or woman in your life, look no further than No Limit Gift Vouchers from Kapruka. In other words, these Gift Vouchers are designed to delight the receiver and to make a classy seasonal statement to the giver. Available in denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1000, these No Limit Gift Vouchers from Kapruka can be redeemed at any No Limit branch located in Sri Lanka. Of course, a No Limit Gift Voucher from Kapruka is the better option to gift your loved one this season. Moreover, if you gift cash, your loved one may spend it casually. Additionally, these No Limit Gift Vouchers from Kapruka expire only 3 months from date of delivery. Of course, No Limit will further extend it even after expiry date if you mention the Gift Voucher was purchased via Kapruka.


The Sri Lankan retail fashion market is inundated with a variety of choices for the consumer from simple street stalls to high fashion department stores. In the midst of this sea of choices, one name stands out. That name is No Limit. By and large, the brand No Limit has become synonymous with quality, style, impressive customer service and affordability. Without doubt, No Limit apparel in Sri Lanka has become a household name, like no other.