Lotus Tower, the Skyscraper of Sri Lanka.

Colombo Skyline will never be the same again…

Lotus Tower or Nelum Kuluna, the current tallest self-supported tower in South Asia is a stepping stone in Sri Lankan History. The beautiful architecture together with the epic technology definitely pave the way to be a major attraction in Sri Lanka. This was proudly opened to the public on 16th of September 2019 and is a combination of dedication and commitment of 07 years. This glorifying tower which is 350 meters high, is located at waterfront of the Beira Lake and has a beautiful view of the Colombo city. The outstanding technology facilitates the visitors to get an unique experience. The area which is mostly spoken about is the Tower House which resembles the Lotus. The colors of the petals change periodically creating a vivid scenery that will glorify this amazing structure in a lively atmosphere

This Skyscraper consists of nine levels which are mainly for radio/television transmissions, dining rooms, event halls, a lounge for around 250 guests, a reception hall for around 280 guests, a revolving restaurant where up to 200 guests can accommodate, 08 Luxury rooms, an outdoor observation deck etc. The revolving restaurant takes around 90 minutes to complete one circle and interestingly guests will not have the same view throughout their stay. The Outdoor observation deck is also fascinating because it reveals the magnificent sight of the Colombo City at a height of around 245 meters.  The main spotlight of this structure is the Antenna Mast which has a length of around 90 meters. This heavy steel structure can accommodate 20 television broadcasting companies, 50 FM broadcasters and telecom operators.

This amazing tower is special not only because of its height, but also because of the technology and the facilities incorporated together. The uniqueness and the purity of the Lotus flower is symbolized by this beautiful structure which also is a precious jewel for the whole country. This is a promising attraction place for both locals and foreigners solely because of its uniqueness. This charming sight in the middle of a busy area is just perfect to make everything peaceful.