Kapruka 3D Animation TVC – 2020 Xmas

Moving Sri Lanka’s animated commercials up by one notch, Kapruka presents our Xmas 2020 themed ad.

Love makes the distance disappear” – Every one of us is spending the hardest time of our lives where more than anything, human minds crave interaction and meaningful connections.

Amazing teamwork of Kapruka, 1500 hours+ of Pixar quality animation rendering, teams spread across 3 nations.

Project Team

  • Suresh Eranda – Creative
  • Anushka Udana @ Wasthi – Music Direction
  • Kanchana Anuradhi – Vocals
  • Dinesh Gamage – Melody
  • Nisal Gamage – Lyrics
  • Lahiru De Costa – Composition
  • Chanaka Attanayake – Story Boards
  • Raheel Jawed – 3D Rigging (Pakistan)
  • 3D Production – Animation Reel (Bollywood, India)

Story Line with Sketches

Theme Song Lyrics

කඳු ය�යේ..
දුර පà·�රේ….
පියඹ� එයි..

තරු පà·�යà·�මට කීවේ…
ඇවිදින් හමුවන්න හොඳම කà·�ලේ…
නිල à·ƒà·�ගරය සේ…

ආදරය මේ දිවියේ..
හදවත් බ�ඳුන�වේ
දුර ඈතත් ලගම ඇතà·�යි දà·�නේ…

Theme Song Lyrics – English Translation

Through the misty mountains
Through the far away roads
Comes the memories

The stars whispered to me
And said this is the best time to meet

Like the turquoise blue ocean..
May the hearts bring them together to share their love forever¦

A million miles feels closer..

Pre-Rendered Wire Frame Time Line