Presenting a gift to our dear ones is a way to show love, care, celebration and affection. In the first place, gifts are a part of every occasion. Similarly, we all love to give and receive gifts. Of course, in this day and age, the gift will be much more meaningful if it is a handmade handicraft. As a matter of fact, from birthdays to anniversaries, Avurudu to Christmas or to celebrate, a new phase of life or any memorable accession, we think about many gift options and ideas. In like manner, many untold words can be heard, with just a gift and the emotions attached to it. Below is a list of gift shops in Colombo that offers a unique collection of giftware.

Gift shops in Colombo: Laksala

Laksala (Sri Lanka Handicrafts Board), is the only state-owned gift and souvenir boutique that offers the widest range of Sri Lankan handicrafts, tea, gems and other products at reasonable prices. Uniquely, Laksala has pioneered selling handicrafts since 1964. Moreover, the emporium is linked, to more than 10,000 leading master craftsmen and entrepreneurs who operate their own rural cottage industries.

For example, shoppers at Laksala can witness the enthralling blend of meticulously handcrafted creations including, packed tea, spices alongside, a collection of traditionally mined and cut Gems. Also, they stock a vast array of handmade Jewellery. Laksala is open from 9.00 am. to 9.00 pm. daily and located at No. 60 York Street, Colombo 1 and No.215, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07.  (Thunmulla junction)

Willow Elephant Figurine Ornament

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Cricket Batsman Table Ornament

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Classic Cricket Table Ornament

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Gift shops in Colombo: Lakpahana

Lakpahana is an experience of Sri Lankan art and culture and acknowledged as the largest craft producer in Sri Lanka. Incidentally, Lakpahana is the marketing arm of the Sri Lanka Craftsmen and Artisans Association. Indeed, for over 40 years Lakpahana has given artisans across Sri Lanka a platform to express true artistic talents while spurring creativity. In particular, their selection comprises exquisite silver jewellery and metalwork in silver, brass and copper. Also, Lakpahana sells woodcarvings, batiks, masks, lacquerware, pottery alongside hand woven rush and reed products. Additionally, their collection includes hand-embroidered linen, coconut products and many more. Lakpahana is located, at 14, Reid Avenue Colomb0 7. (Opposite the Colombo Racecourse) and open daily from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Gift shops in Colombo: Barefoot

Barefoot sells an extensive range of handmade, handwoven items for the home including table cloths, placemats and cushion covers, books and souvenirs and so much more. Moreover, you will find beautiful smelling toiletries which are all produced locally including balms, sprays or candles for stress, happiness, and sleep. Certainly, it is a super contemporary shop that has stood the test of time. The main highlight in this shop is the collection of men™s and women™s apparel all made with handloom material. Apparently, this trend has not died down and keeps evolving each decade. Barefoot also sells hand-woven material. For this reason, it is a lovely shop with great gift ideas alongside a fab café that adds a certain mystique to the shopping experience. Barefoot is located at No. 704 Galle Road, Colombo and open daily from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Kangaroo Drum Toy- Infant Toy

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Cuddle Buddy Elephant Plush Toy - Cuddly Toy - 11 inches

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Pupstar Huggable dalmatian Plush Toy - 12 inches, plush toy

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Gift shops in Colombo: Urban Island

Located at a cool and inviting neighbourhood, right across the evergreen Viharamahadevi Park, Urban Island presents a modern twist to a trendy lifestyle store. As an illustration, their plus is the availability of curated, homegrown contemporary products comprising handmade traditional crafts with a global reach. Moreover, you can shop guilt-free as they offer mostly sustainable design promoting a conscious way of living. Urban Island is located at No. 81 Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7 and open from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm daily.


Lakarcade, located at Staples Street, Union Place, Colombo 2, adjacent to Cargill™s exhibit a large collection of souvenirs covering all areas. By all means, their product offering includes handicraft, Batik and handloom, pottery gem and jewellery with tea and spa products inherent to Sri Lankan culture all under one roof. Additionally, a big plus is the availability of ample parking. Lakarcade is open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm and holds a prominent position among gift shops in Colombo.

`MOM` Gift Of Love

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Sunshine Kissess Gift Of Flowers

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Paradise Road

Paradise Road was established in 1987 by design entrepreneur, Udayshanth Fernando. Notably, it is a must-stop if you are in the market to buy contemporary designed homeware. In particular, over the years they have expanded their products portfolio and you are sure to find an ideal gift at their store. Especially, Paradise road sells local and imported merchandise and a leading light among gift shops in Colombo. Paradise road is located at Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7 (town hall) and open daily from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Nelum Pokuna street art

The Nelum Pokuna street art is Colombo’s only space for ‘street art’. It is along the Green path just passing the Nekum pokuna. Here you will come across a long pavement stretch where paintings are displayed by local artists, opposite Viharamahadevi Park. By all means, Art along Nelum Pokuna is relatively inexpensive. For instance, you can find pieces between Rs 2, 000 to Rs 20,000 and more. To enumerate, gifting a piece of art is a wonderful alternative than for example gifting a soul-less gift voucher. Chiefly, the tip here is to bargain without guilt to get a good deal. Nelum Pokuna street art is open from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm daily (provided it doesn’t rain)

Tori house

At Tori House, you can find captivating home décor and unique gift items that bring in a sense of elegance, warmth and cosiness to homes. In particular, they got home décor items with artsy, elegant and adorable designs. By all means, Tori house is a boutique store that helps you find gorgeous items to add œoomph� to your home, or classy gift items, without blowing a hole in your wallet. Tori house is located at No 7, Siebel Avenue, Kirulapone, Colombo 5 and open daily from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Chinese gift palace

The Chinese Gift Palace holds a unique position among gift shops in Colombo. To explain, principally their products on offer are expensive but if you are a fan of Feng Shui they got some wholesome ornaments to choose from. However, Chinese Gift Palace isn’t just limited to Feng Shui and Religious objects. Incidentally, they sell a wide selection of gift items, handicrafts, porcelain vases, souvenirs, cutlery, etc. Chinese gift palace is located at No. 78, Galle Road, Wellawatte, Colombo 06 and open from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.

Arpico Supercentre

There™s an Arpico supercentre located in Hyde Park Corner, Colombo 2, open daily up to 10.00 pm which houses many types of affordable gifts. Surely, the best thing is apart from gifts items you can shop for grocery items too. To put it another way, the choice is wide open especially if you are on the lookout to buy gifts for more than one person or for an entire family. By all means, shopping at Arpico is economical especially for Christmas or Avurudu. Equally important, Arpico supercentre falls under most practical gift shops in Colombo. Additionally, you don™t have to come to Colombo to visit Arpico supercentre. There are many such Arpico supercentres in major suburbs surrounding Colombo.  

Miniso Sri Lanka

Miniso Sri Lanka, the Japanese inspired Chinese retailer of sophisticated, yet affordable œintelligent consumer products is another popular spot for youngsters looking to buy smart gits. Uniquely, they got various types of gadgets including, household and consumer goods including health and beauty products, accessories, bags and dedicated Gifts. Also, they specialise in intelligent electronics, stationery, toys, kitchenware, etc. Not to mention, their key USP is all products being reasonably priced. Of course, Miniso has created a niche of its own and falls under unique gift shops in Colombo. The main Miniso outlet is located at Union Place, Colombo and opens daily up to 7.00 pm.

Stone and string

Stone and String have a super collection of fashion, precious and semi-precious jewellery that is affordable to Sri Lankans of varying income brackets. The best thing is compared to gold, the products available at Stone and String have a wide appeal as they are fashion jewellery. Meaning you can afford to buy a piece of jewellery to match your outfit or evening gown. Additionally, their range also encompasses peals, sterling silver and crystal jewellery along with Sri Lankan souvenirs. Stone and String is located, at No 275, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 2 (Duplication road, walking distance to Liberty plaza). The shop is open from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm

Kapruka online shopping Sri Lanka

The new normal we are experiencing now has brought about a new dimension on how we shop. Meanwhile shopping online is the best option which affords contactless shopping experience for shoppers. In this scenario, is the best choice as they have thousands of products on offer at various price points. The key USP of Kapruka is the friendly service and delivery facility. In effect, you can order a gift and get it delivered in no time. How good is that?


Gift giving is an act that can show that you are thankful. In like manner, the receiver will truly feel your gratitude when you give gifts for elevating happiness and well-being. Gift giving is actually a way to invest in a relationship.  In essence, it is a social lubricant, a way to celebrate life, love and friendship and become a better partner, spouse, friend, employer and person. In Sri Lanka, there are many gift shops in Colombo along with online retailers like which affords thousands of options for gift giving.

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