Gas cookers in Sri Lanka is one of the most common contraptions purchased as it is a much-needed utility item in the kitchen. In the first place, we need food and one of the most economical and clean methods of preparing food is by using a gas cooker. In like manner, due to its many benefits, many cook using gas as against the traditional wood-fired stove. This is so even in the rural areas in Sri Lanka.

You can purchase many types of gas cookers in Sri Lanka

Benefits of using gas cookers in Sri Lanka

The main benefit of a gas cooker is that it gives you total control over the heat. That means that you don™t have to wait for the element to warm up. Likewise, and you can adjust the temperature instantly.


  • Instant heat and accurate cooking temperatures allow you to use high heat for stir-frying and immediately follow with low heat for gentle simmering.
  • The even heat distribution offered by a centralised gas flame can help reduce scorching.
  • Gas cookers have relatively low heat emissions as the gas flame immediately disappears when turned off.
  • You can use any type of pot or pan on a gas cooker.
  • Cheaper operating costs

Gas Cooker  – Cooking Tips

For those who have recently purchased gas cookers in Sri Lanka, here are few gas cooking tips. Cooking with a gas cooker is pretty straightforward, but there are a few things you should know.

Cooking with gas is economical

Simmering May Take Some Practice

The onething that many people have trouble with when it comes to using a gas cooker ishow to simmer. It takes some practice. You will find that when you turn theflame down low, your pan will continue to receive heat. You then try to turnthe flame lower and it goes out. You re-light and try again.

Eventually,with practice, you will find the perfect setting for the simmer function. Youwill also learn that if a recipe tells you to cook on high, you may want toleave your gas stove on medium. Yes, it heats that well.

Learn What Gas Smells Like and Know How to Turn the Gas Off.

As for safety, it is very important to know what gas smells like. While leaks are very rare, they are possible. You need to be able to recognize it. In addition, knowing how to turn off the gas is crucial.

Be Mindful of the Flame

Remember that you are cooking with an open flame. Of course, you need to remain mindful of this. However, with a gas cooker, the flame is the heat. So, if something comes in contact with it, a fire can start very quickly. Be sure to watch out for things such as kitchen towels, oven mitts, long hair, loose clothing, etc. And, get in the habit of turning a burner off the moment you remove a pan from it.

Keep It Clean

No matter how hard you try, cooking can get messy. Food splatters, drips, spills, and so forth. The leftover debris from your cooking may actually catch fire the next time you go to light your gas burner. So make a point to clean after each use.

Opt for High-Quality Gas Cookers in Sri Lanka

Lastly, if you want to get the most pleasant cooking experience from your gas cooker, you will want to consider purchasing one that is of high quality. Certainly, over time, you will come to learn that the joy that comes from cooking on your new gas cooker is worth far more than the price.

Easy Ways to Save Cooking Gas in Kitchen

1. Check for Leaks

Check your pipes, burners, and regulators for any leaks. Small leaks can often go unnoticed and later add up to your financial expenses. This is one of the best ways to conserve LPG gas at home.

2. Wipe Your Plates and Pans Dry

Want to learn what™s another simple technique about how to save LPG cooking gas without putting in a lot of effort?

Don™t use your LPG cylinder for drying your utensils when they have water droplets on them. Use a kitchen towel to wipe them dry. It™s really that easy.

3. Don™t Overcook

Overcooking is one of the biggest reasons why LPG gets wasted in every household. Next time you cook, keep an eye out for the cooking time and check to see if all the ingredients require cooking. Use a microwave for heating, if need be, instead of your LPG cylinder. Add salads and fruits to your meals since these don™t require cooking. Plus, you™ll be eating a lot healthier that way and your body will thank you for it.

4. Use a Pan for Covering What YouCook

You can cook your dishes faster and use less gas at the same time by covering the pans with a lid. Covering with a lid will make sure the flames reach their sides, thus cooking more efficiently. Also, it traps the steam and speeds up cooking.

6. Use Low Heat

Cooking on high heat is known to kill the beneficial enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins in your food. Cook on low flame next time and let your pan simmer once it™s heated up. Try steaming your veggies when you can and not boil if you™re serious about getting out maximum nutrition from your meals.

7. Measure What You Cook

A lot of people don™t bother measuring the ingredients before cooking. They end up using too much water or too few ingredients which makes them waste gas. Don™t be one of them and measure carefully the proportions based on the recipes before you get cooking.

8. Use a Pressure Cooker

Pressurized steam ends up cooking food faster and in a lesser amount of time. Instead of cooking openly, use a pressure cooker to speed things up. When you do finish cooking, store any leftovers in insulated containers to keep them fresh for longer and to prevent reheating often.

9. Clean Your Burners

If the flame coming out from your burner looks orange, yellow, or not so uniform, then there™s probably some carbon deposit on it. Take a look and clean it up. It™ll help you save more fuel that way.

11. Use The Right Cookware

There™s no point in using larger cookware or big pot and pans for cooking small-sized meal portions. Make sure to match the size of your recipes or servings with your cookware because larger cookware takes up more LPG to get heated up.

Where can you buy gas cookers in Sri Lanka?

Gas cookers can be easily purchased online from Kapruka. Since Kapruka delivers to your preferred address in Sri Lanka, it is that much easier. You can also buy gas cookers from the many home appliance stores scattered around Sri Lanka. However, make sure to buy from a reliable supplier.

In conclusion, the benefits of using a gas cooker are numerous. Apart from the apparent low operating costs you can be assured that even during a power breakdown you can make a meal, thanks to a gas cooker.

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