Sri Lanka has always been a country with people opting forhealthy ways of life and healthy eating habits. From the recent past more andmore people are going towards the health conscious trend especially when itcomes to produce. If the person on your gift list is a health enthusiast, thenone of the best gift options is a fresh fruit basket overflowing with gardenfresh grown apples, pears, oranges, grapes etc.

Can you imagine cheering a person who needs support andgifting them with a hand-picked set of fruits? It definitely makes a hugedifference. Thanking people or appreciating them, thinking of them for whatthey do for you is powerful. The simple act of reaching out to someone and makingyour gratitude and acceptance felt by giving a gift like a fresh handpickedfruit basket undoubtedly establishes a connection and makes your feelingspresent.

The best gifts are those that arrive completely unexpected!They hold the happy, healthy benefits of fresh colorful fruits along with yourpersonal message. There are many reasons as to why we opt in sending out fruitbaskets to our loved ones, friends and dear ones. An assortment of fruits canbrighten anyone’s mood! You can send it as a gift, a token of appreciation,sympathy or even condolences. A healthy treat has never gone wrong insurprising someone.


Kapruka redefined the ecommerce sector in Sri Lanka and todate is the best place hands on to get your gifts delivered to your lovedones.  Moreover, at Kapruka , anundisputed array of fruit baskets are portrayed to its online shoppers indelivering of garden fresh fruits for any occasion .

Fruit Baskets, with its high water content, is hydrating andeasy to digest, and makes the ideal gift idea for anyone. Who said you can’thave fun with fruits? Edible, healthy and fresh fruits are an absolute yes ingifting someone. But, how do you make an interesting basket of healthy fruits?There need not be a penned down instruction list to make one! A simpleselection of healthy yet colorful fruits rich in Vitamin C, can be an added WOWto make a fruit basket look good enough and giftable.

For the super health conscious recipient, you would alreadyknow that the rich Vitamin C category of fruits is a must. Begin with what youalready know they like and then add some color to it! Selecting fruits is notas hard as you think; you just have to be a bit keen on the benefits each fruithas to offer. Did you know that fruit baskets can also be coupled up with someother popular goodies such as cheese, cordials, eatables like pringles,chocolates or any of that sorts that can simply wow your recipient? Well, it istrue! You can name it the Fruit Delight basket with not only fruits but alsolittle surprises.

How can surprises not be loved by anyone? Moreover a healthysurprise will never go out of style!

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