Boralesgamuwa City for smart living

Have you ever visited a new place and felt ‘wow’ about it? Uniquely, for many visitors, it happens at Boralesgamuwa city. Of course, Boralesgamuwa city may not be as popular as other cities in Sri Lanka, but don’t let that fool you. In reality, Boralesgamuwa is a smaller but beautiful upcoming middle-class suburb that is worth a visit. Regardless, you will be surprised by some of the cool things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination. Well! Once you have visited this city, who knows! you may love it so much. Eventually, you may buy a plot of land and construct a beautiful house to live in to call ‘Home’.

Having beautiful scenery is not enough in this day and age, but you got to have amenities to live comfortably. By all means, Boreslegamuwa city just got loads of that!

Boralesgamuwa city

What are the basic facilities available in Boralesgamuwa city?

A factor that adds to the added convenience of the city is because most of the basic requirements to live are conveniently placed along the Colombo- Horana road. That is to say, when you drive to the main road, you can attend to most of your errands.

  • Post office, Boralesgamuwa. Tel. 011 2509252
  • Sri Lanka Telecom Workshop. Tel. 2555555
  • Boralesgamuwa Urban Council. Tel. 2517480.
  • National Water Supply and Drainage Board,
  • Police Station, Boralesgamuwa. Tel. 2509461
  • Grama Niladhari Office. Tel. 071 4441786
  • Ministry of Health. Tel. 2519374
  • Department of Motor Traffic DMT RMV. Tel 2518926
  • Fuel station, Boralesgamuwa

Does Boralesgamuwa city have banks?

Certainly, it has! Thankfully, in the event you decide to live in Boralesgamuwa you can rest assured that you won’t be left high and dry without money. Why? Boralesgamuwa city has the presence of almost all leading banks and ATM’s. Further, leasing and finance companies are in close proximity to each other. In this case, their presence is really convenient if you are a businessman.

Any Supermarkets?

Today, supermarkets are a part and parcel of our life. For one thing, nothing beats the convenience of a supermarket. Certainly, from obtaining meats, vegetables, groceries and other daily needs a supermarket is key. No worries here as Boralesgamuwa city has all leading supermarkets consisting of Keells, Sathosa, Food City and Laugfs. What more do you want!

What about restaurants in Boralesgamuwa city, when in a mood for a meal?

In fact, you can’t always make meals at home. For instance, there are times you feel like having a meal from a restaurant or a food outlet. All of a sudden, new restaurants are springing up in Boralesgamuwa city. This means, there’s great demand for food. From humble rice and curry, Chinese, pizza to burgers, there are many joints to satisfy your culinary cravings. However, big guns like Domino’s pizza, Pizza hut are both set up in the city.

Noteworthy attractions around the city?

Want to soothe your mind body and soul? To enumerate, there are many noteworthy attractions in Boralesgamuwa city. For this reason, after a hard day’s work, indulging in some rest and recreation is certainly on the cards. Following are few places of interest you will be keen to indulge.

Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya

This village has become the cynosure of all – Buddhists – non-Buddhist, locals and foreigners – because of the Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya located therein. This temple is considered a place of great sanctity and veneration. And this is mainly due to its sacred Bodhi – tree.

Bellanwila Viharaya

Parama dharmawardhanarama Buddhist Temple

This temple first came into being in 1929 in picturesque Boralesgamuwa. This was mainly a result of the relentless commitment of the inhabitants of Raththanapitiya and Egodawatta townships. According to records, one Don Suvaris Ramanayaka – hailing from Raththanapitiya and a deputy police headman by profession was instrumental in gifting one of his lands for the purpose.

Weralessa (Bellanwila) Jogging and cycling Track 

This track offers a breathtaking view of the lake surrounding the famous Pillawa temple. It offers the most serene experience early morning or late evening with the sunrise and the sunset. The jogging track amounts to a 3km round with an accompanying cycling track. 

Located on the cleared up marshes of the river, this place is frequented by migratory birds making the visitors savour the delights of nature. The place also has a food court and a dedicated seating area overlooking the river. Bicycles can be rented and a tour around the nearly 3km loop is a treat, especially in the morning. The chill breeze and the scenery is sure to raise one’s spirit after an early morning walk or jog.

Attidiya Bird Sanctuary

When you want to stay close to nature then you should visit Attidiya Bird Sanctuary where you can jog, exercise and spend time amidst lots of greenery and beauty. I was surprised at the biodiversity and many species of birds, butterflies, reptiles and vegetation available in the sanctuary.

Kelimadala Children’s Park

Kelimadala Children’s Park is situated along the Colombo – Horana Road in Boralesgamuwa. It is a children’s entertainment area inclusive of a walking path. It is built to entertain differently-abled children as well. There is also a fish spa in the area. Kelimadala Children’s Park is a great place to relax and have fun with the entire family.

Sending gifts to Boralesgamuwa

Sending gifts to Boralesgamuwa is easy. You can connect with and send gifts to friends and family in and around Boralesgamuwa. All areas in and around Boralesgamuwa city are covered by the Kapruka Gift Delivery Service and the delivery fee is very minimal. Namely, they have daily shuttles from Colombo to Boralesgamuwa to deliver your items fresh and unharmed. Apart from gifts, you can order groceries, cakes, flowers plus many more items available at

If you have plans to build a home in Sri Lanka and are not sure if Boralesgamuwa city should be included as your ideal city, keep reading. In this blog post, I have put together some of the amenities in Boralesgamuwa. I have a hunch that if you include this city in your search plans, you will be thrilled you did so.