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Product NamePrice (LKR)
Arthur 22kt Gold Panchauda50050
Arthur 22k Gold Panchauda61620
  • Arthur 22kt Gold Panchauda - Price : LKR 50050

    Arthur De Silva Jewellers is a brand that has been part of the social fabric of Sri Lanka since 1965. The brand has etched an unmatched name within the jewellery industry, producing the finest jewellery, with styles that are off the beaten path. When a customer purchase a piece of jewellery from Arthur De Silva, one thing that is certain is the piece won-rsquo-t look dated even after many years and remains fresh as the first day they purchased it. The brand is renowned for offering a select set of discerning customers everything from rings, earrings, pendants, chains, bracelets and jewellery sets made in their own inimitable style and craftsmanship. weight -1.

  • Arthur 22k Gold Panchauda - Price : LKR 61620

    22k Gold Panchauda weight :1.85g The perfect 22kt Gold present for confirmations, weddings, or any special occasion, Arthur`s Jewellery has all the elegance and quality one expects from the gold craftsmen. Arthur Jewellery carry over 50 years of experience in the gold industry of Sri Lanka.


Online price at Kapruka is U$ 157.34

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