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Product NamePrice (LKR)
FIRE Xtacy Condom (Six Features With Extra Time)300
Smartt Pregnancy Test Midstream250
FIRE Xotica Condom (With Six Features)280
  • FIRE Xtacy Condom (Six Features With Extra Time) - Price : LKR 300

    FIRE Xtacy Condom (Six features with extra time) Premium lubricant Super dotted Ribbed Contoured Pink colored Vanilla Flavoured Fire Xtacy is a special condom pack as it comes with 6 features which can drive your sweet heart crazy and the kind of excitement that she feels with this condom is so great that she will insist on this condom every time from now and will always ask for more and more every time. Xtacy condoms come with exciting features such as climax delay + super dotted + ribbed.

  • Smartt Pregnancy Test Midstream - Price : LKR 250

    Product details of Smartt Pregnancy Test Midstream Easy to use High accuracy results within 5 minutes Can be used directly to the urine stream Smartt Pregnancy Test Mid Stream 1 unit Instructions for use DIRECTIONS FOR USE 1. Remove the cap. Expose the absorbent. 2. Place the absorbent in urine stream for 10 seconds.


  • FIRE Xotica Condom (With Six Features) - Price : LKR 280

    Premium warming Lubricant Super dotted Ribbed Contoured Pink colored Vanilla flavored Extraordinary Pleasure Fire condoms are created to allow couples feel extraordinary pleasure during their love making, in addition to offering uncompromising protection from unwanted pregnancy and infections. Comfortable fit Fire Xotica condom comes in a contoured shape which helps in fitting firmly along the shaft and tapered towards the head for a better, stronger and comfortable fit. It prevents the users from facing discomforts of using a loose or over tight condoms which can take away the pleasure factor during the love making. Exciting Flavours Fire branded condoms come in exciting flavours to make your foreplay and oral session interesting and invigorating. Your oral session is sure going to be exciting and your taste buds will revel in the taste of exotic flavours.

  • MOODS GOLD COOL CONDOM 3`S - Price : LKR 360

    Discover the coolest way to make love with Moods Cool. The coolest of its kind from Moods. These dotted, ribbed namp; flared condoms are all set to intensify the pleasure of lovemaking. Condoms made of Natural Rubber Latex, lubricated parallel-sided condoms with reservoir tip.


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