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Product NamePrice (LKR)
MD Mango Chutney 460g640
MD Chinese Chilli Paste With Maldive Fish - 270g880
Edinborough Mango Chutney Bottle 450g620
Kist Soya Sauce Bottle - 350ml280
Edinborough Mayonnaise Botle 350g1150
Edinborough Oyster Sauce Bottle 385ml360
  • MD Mango Chutney 460g - Price : LKR 640

    Experience the luscious taste of the tropics with MD Mango Chutney, a delightful fusion of ripe mangoes, aromatic spices, and a hint of tanginess. Crafted with care, this chutney embodies the essence of tropical indulgence, bringing a burst of exotic flavors to your palate.

  • MD Chinese Chilli Paste With Maldive Fish - 270g - Price : LKR 880

    Indulge your senses in the captivating flavors of MD Chinese Chilli Paste With Maldive Fish, a truly exceptional condiment that marries the fiery allure of red chilies with the rich umami notes of Maldive fish. This exquisite paste is a culinary masterpiece, carefully crafted to elevate your Chinese dishes to new heights of taste and complexity.

  • Edinborough Mango Chutney Bottle 450g - Price : LKR 620

    Edinborough Mango Chutney beckons you to embark on a culinary adventure where the allure of mangoes meets the artistry of chutney-making. Indulge in a symphony of flavors that marries the familiar with the exotic, and let each bite transport you to a world of tropical elegance and gastronomic pleasure.

  • Kist Soya Sauce Bottle - 350ml - Price : LKR 280

    Kist Soya Sauce captures the essence of soybeans in every drop. Crafted through a meticulous fermentation process, this sauce embodies the time-honored techniques that have been perfected over generations. The aroma is a testament to the rich umami that awaits, promising a journey of taste that`s both familiar and captivating. Soy sauce adds a unique depth of flavor to a wide range of dishes. It is known for its savory, umami-rich taste, which can enhance the overall taste of a dish.

  • Edinborough Mayonnaise Botle 350g - Price : LKR 1150

    Edinborough Mayonnaise is a masterpiece born from the finest ingredients and a time-honored recipe. With a velvety-smooth texture that caresses the palate, each spoonful delivers a burst of indulgence that enhances the essence of every bite. The balance of flavors is a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle. This mayo is a harmonious blend of creamy richness and delightful tanginess, destined to elevate your dishes to extraordinary heights.

  • Edinborough Oyster Sauce Bottle 385ml - Price : LKR 360

    Edinborough Oyster Sauce captures the essence of the ocean`s bounty in every drop. Meticulously prepared using the finest oysters, this sauce undergoes a meticulous process to extract and concentrate their rich, briny essence. The result is a sauce that encapsulates the umami complexity that oysters are renowned for.


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