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3 Bedroom House and an Agricultural Land for Sale

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The land is located within the agricultural belt that extends from Beragala to Koslanda which is suitable for all types of up country and low country cultivations, and also generates approximately Rs.1.9 Million revenue annually. In addition, it is also an ideal location for eco-tourism for anyone interested.

Deed - Sole and Absolute Owner

Location -
* Along the Beragala Koslanda road, and 9km from Beragala and 2 km from the main road
* Latitude- 6°44`45.96`N and Longitude- 80°58`57.22`E (Google Earth - Old Image)

Vehicle Access To the Land - Yes

Terrain - 75% Flat Land and 25% Slide/Slope

Electricity - Currently powered with 2 Sola Power units. However, electricity can be taken at any given time.

Water Supply - Large agro well (15` x 20`). In addition spring water can be utilized throughout the year (Gravity flow)

Soil - Suitable for any type of agriculture (Up Country and Low Country)

Existing Cultivations -
* Rubber - 5 Acres - Currently being harvested
* 5 Acres - Newly Planted trees that can be harvested in 4 years.
* Pepper - 4 Acres
* Timber - Mahogany (225 Trees) and Teak (25 Trees)
* Mixed Crop - Mangos, Oranges, Mandarins, Rambutan, Bananas (3 Varieties), Avocado, King Coconut, Coconut, Coffee, Vanilla, Vegetables and more.

Other Assets and facilities -
A house with 3 bedrooms with 2 toilets.2 workers rooms.Rubber Smoke Room with necessary equipment.Necessary agricultural equipment.Cattle Farm (Small scale)

Present income -
Currently there is an annual income of Rs 1.9 Million (Approximate Figure) from the above mentioned cultivations. In addition, in 3 to 4 years, you will be able to `Tap / Harvest` the newly planted 5 Acer rubber which will generate an additional Rs 600,000 (approx) annually. Furthermore, a sum of Rs 2.5 Million can be generated in 5 years with sale of Teak and Mahogany trees. Prices are projected to increase in the next 4 to 5 years.

Contact for Details

SL Contact - Nalakha Kumarasinghe

SL Numbers - 94 717 805820 / 94 777 805820

E mail - nalxxxxx-gmail.com

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