Properties For Sale in Kurunegala - Out Of Colombo

House for Sale in Kurunegala

This is very nice area- clean and silent. The roof was made new in 2008. it is 36 perches land. 3 sleeping rooms- kitchen- a bathroom with wc- shower with possible warm water- dining room- living room- a nice terrace and a water shower and another toilet outside.  More Details


This is situated in GIRIULLA oppersite the Police station. This used to be a Garment factory.  More Details

House for sale in Kurunegala

No.55 Kandy Rd, Kurunegala.Opposite to the Jupiter cinema in the heart of town in close proximity to the clock tower. Ideal for a shopping complex, day care, home for the elders or storage facility. In extent 63.5 perches with a large house with water and electricity. Partition title by court decree. Approved bank loan of 30 million Sri Lanka Rupees to be paid in 5 to 6 years. vacant possession. Revised price.  More Details

Land with Bungalow for Sale in Kurunegala

This land is situated in the District of Kurunegala approximately 8Km from Pinnawala and 6 Km from Mawathagama - off the Rambukkana / Mawathagama Road. 30 minutes from Kurunegala, 45 minutes from Kandy. The extent of the land is 20 acres, consisting mainly of newly planted Coconut (approximately 10acres) partially bearing and will be in full bearing within one / two years. The balance acreage is multi-cropped consisting of Pepper, Cinnamon, Coffee, Paddy. There is also Cardamom, Young Mahogany/Tea Trees, Ericanut, Banana, Pineapple, Mango and many other varieties of fruit.  More Details

Ancsestral virgin land gifted to next generation. Divided in to two portions and written to two sisters with Clean titles.

This valuable land is located in Bulupitya, 6.5 miles from Kurunegala town on Negombo road. Front side of the land facing the Kurunegala - Negombo main road, and one side facing a concrete laid cross road starting from the main road.  More Details

62 Acres Land for Sale on Kurunegala / Dambulla Main Road

This prime land located, 16 miles away from Kurunegala Junction. * Coconut- 1080 trees over 20 years in full bearing and 2436 trees 1-6 years of age coming into bearing. Currently the pick from small trees is around 2000 nuts. This will over thee next 10 years increase to 25000. The current average crop is 18000 nuts 8 pick per year. This will increase to around 35000 nuts per pick in 10 years as plants reach maturity. If the estate is drip irrigated the crop will double, the cost at todays rate Rs.3 million. * Pepper 2800 vines have started to crop this year @ half the potential crop at today` s prices the net income would be in the region of 2.5-3 million per year from the next year.Rs.500000 investment necessary next year to construct a drying floor. * 03 acres of cinnamon planted should be in bearing next year net income of Rs.30000 per month is possible. Investment required next year to construct a peeling room. * 60 clove trees around 7 years old. * 10 Nutmeg trees around 5 years old. * Arrecanut grove no significant commercial return. * 10 acre?s Banana which generate?s Rs.500, 000 per year, now need replanting. One acre will be replanted this year and 3 next years with high value varieties. * Teak around 150 trees over 15 years old. * Fruit trees bearing mango, sapodilla, thambilli, Avocado, Lovi, Jambu, Rambutan, Cashew, Jak, Bread Fruit, Bananas, Papaw * Dialog communicator tower located in the estate. Rental Rs.20000 per month paid to estate.  More Details

60 perches of land with old house at Kurunegala.

Address- 55 Kandy Rd. Kurunegala  More Details

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