Sri Lanka Shopping

Sri Lanka Shopping

Shopping in Srilanka

Sri Lanka has a number of modern shopping malls, and some 5-star hotels in Colombo also have shopping arcades.

Shopping Malls

Majestic City in Sri Lanka

Majestic City

Providing an impressive shopping destination that is replete with a variety of options that are scattered throughout, Majestic City provides an excellent shopping destination for visitors to Sri Lanka.

Offering everything from clothes, electronic items and various handicrafts and furniture items, visitors to Majestic City are sure to find everything that they could possibly seek.

Visitors should also not miss the food court that offers a variety of food from different countries. Everything from a selection of local cuisine to foreign dishes from countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and other destinations can be found here. One thing is for certain, visitors to Majestic City will not have a shortage of items to choose for.

Located on the prominent Galle Road in Colombo, visitors to the country will have no problem accessing this destination. This fun packed shopping complex is an all-inclusive place for children, youth, young adults and adults. The multi storey Majestic City is an air-conditioned shopping mall that provides maximum and modern conveniences to shopaholics.

Majestic City is an ideal shopping destination for clothes since it offers a comprehensive range including children’s wear, casual wear, seasonal clothes and high-end fashion labels for all ages, shapes and sizes. There are also heaps of retail outlets selling other fashionable items from shoes, watches, cosmetics to various kinds of other accessories. Few of the renowned stores include Cotton Collection, Hameedias, Odel, Bathik, Laksmi, Leather Collection and much more.Visitors will also find a range of DVD’s and other movie formats located throughout the mall providing an ideal venue for the ardent Movie or TV show fan.

Majestic City is also a great place to shop for books and greeting cardsDuring seasonal times, many locals and tourists head to this extensive shopping mall just to purchase greeting cards. The reason why Majestic City is called a convenient store is that it features supermarket on the ground floor, pool hall, and a food court .You can also catch up on your e-mails at the various internet cafes that are located here.

Movie goers can also catch a film at the state-of-the-art Majestic Cinema which can accommodate a total number of 450 people and has earned an important and unique status among movie enthusiasts in the country.

Majestic City is a shopping complex that promises visitors a place of enjoyment, excitement and of course, a great place to enjoy a distinctive shopping experience in Colombo.

Liberty Plaza in Sri Lanka

Liberty Plaza

When it comes to Shopping in Sri Lanka, Liberty Plaza is a name that most certainly worth mentioning. It is a shopping complex located in Colombo 03; it offers a range of retail stores selling some attractive products at affordable prices.

Liberty Plaza is a multi-storey shopping complex that is full of relatively small size stores selling a varied range of merchandise. A large number of stores sell goods that are targeted at women and sell ladies products such as clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics and other accessories. There are quite a number of stores for the gents as well however while children will simply adore the various toy shops and kiddies wear stores.

The conveniently located Liberty Plaza attracts many customers due to its record stores that sell the latest in music albums and movies. These items generally come with very affordable price tags.

This fully air-conditioned shopping complex also has a Mlesna Tea Counter and Tea Tang outlet where customers can purchase packaged Ceylon tea. Well-known retail outlets at Liberty Plaza include Cotton Collection, Leather collection, Lakehouse bookshop, Hameedias, Antonio, Stone and String Jewellers, and Alankara.

There are also a small number of dining options available at Liberty Plaza that offer a variety of dining options.

This shopping mall also provides ample parking space, with a large size supermarket located in the basement of the complex. The supermarket covers a comprehensive range of imported as well as local goods. Liberty Plaza also has its own well-equipped cinema showing the latest in the movie world that is located nearby, thus providing customers with more than just a shopping experience.

The bank counters and ATM machines at the shopping arcade provide maximum convenience to customers. The internet cafes offer good service at affordable prices too. Liberty Plaza is well known to be a great place to purchase electronic equipments, computers and computer related products.

With a diverse range of products, stores and services, Liberty Plaza offers its own unique style of shopping experience to its clientele both local and international.

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Crescat in Sri Lanka

Crescat Boulevard

Crescat Boulevard is one of the finest up market shopping malls in Colombo. The retail shops are high-end offering visitors the shopping complex the choice of some of the best products that are on offer in the market. Crescat Boulevard is also known as simply ‘Crescat’ may not be an enormous shopping mall but it definitely is an exciting place to shop.

The most important feature of Crescat is its outstanding location. It lies adjacent to The Cinnamon Grand which is a contemporary and chic hotel situated in the heart of Colombo. The shopping mall is connected to the hotel and is positioned a mere 35 kilometres from the Bandaranaike International Airport.

The ardent shopper will simply adore this exceptional shopping precinct and will want to visit it over and over to check out the latest products. The exclusive range of retail stores housed at Crescat Boulevard feature jewellery, designer wear, watches, cosmetics and much more. It is one of the best places in Colombo to shop for some of the world’s most leading brands. Crescat Boulevard also offers its customers a local feel through its handicrafts and batik shops like Prasanna Batiks.

Packed tea can also be purchased here at The Mlesna Tea Centre is the perfect place to purchase that flavoursome pack of well-known Ceylontea. Crescat Boulevard has always been a place for some great shoe shopping with retail stores like Bettans, Lakshmi, Pearlrich and Reebok selling the best in casual, sports and fashionable shoes for gents, ladies and children.

The air conditioned Crescat is also popular for its food court with food counters of diverse cuisine. It is an ideal place to meet up with friends and enjoy a sumptuous meal in a casual atmosphere. Adjoining the food court is the supermarket selling some of the finest luxury imported and local items with an in-house bakery. The internet cafe is located on the top floor of Crescat Boulevard offering convenient facilities.

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Odel in Sri Lanka


Housing the latest and most fashionable trends in the country, ODEL is the premier shopping destination when it comes to clothes. When people in Sri Lanka look for cutting edge fashions with the best fabrics, they go to ODEL.

It is for this reason and the fact that prices here are significantly lower than what one would expect to see in foreign countries that has also made this a popular destination with visitors to Sri Lanka as well.

It is Sri Lanka’s first and only department store that blends the best of sophistication and style. Odel offers an unrivalled choice of fashion and lifestyle products in an ambience that is elegant, cosy, casual and definitely stylish.

Sri Lanka’s first department store caters to its customers whilst keeping the global context in mind. Due to this reason, Odel has transformed itself from its humble beginnings of being merely a cut-price local garment outlet to a place that offers an extraordinary shopping experience that is simply unsurpassed.

Today, Odel has spread out its style and sophistication to many other cities in Sri Lanka such as Kohuwala and Ja-Ela. Apart from the main store in Alexandra Place in Colombo, other branches can be found at Majestic City, Crescat, ODEL Warehouse on Dickmans Road and the ODEL Airport Shop in the Departure and Transit Lounge at the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Odel boasts an extensive range of clothes, accessories, bags, perfumes, cosmetics and shoes for the ladies. The gents too have a good selection of brand name clothing of shirts, casual wear, sportswear, suits, watches and shoes. There are also special sections for winter clothes and swimwear for children, ladies and gents.

However it isn’t just clothes and fashion related items that can be found here, in fact Odel also houses various other small items such as handicrafts and even presents a range of dining options.

Furthermore, there is a book and CD corner where customers can browse through the various offerings. The tempting candy and chocolate store is always a favourite among both children and adults whilst the home-ware section is an alluring place that provides products that will certainly add that extra touch of glamour to your house. Other varied products include a pet corner, tea, florist, toys, bath products and a whole lot more. Some special and unique features at Odel consist of a hair salon, sushi bar, and an Italian ice cream parlour.

Odel strives to offer its customers more than just a shopping experience. It aims to offer both its local and international clientele a hassle free, sophisticated and memorable shopping experience

When visiting Sri Lanka, Odel provides the ideal shopping venue for those who seek clothes that reflect the trendiest fashions. When visiting the country, visitors should not pass up the opportunity to shop at this popular shopping destination.

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House of Fashion in Sri Lanka

House of Fashion

Popular with both foreigners and locals of every class of society, offering an enormous selection at very affordable prices. Besides clothing, it offers a large range of other items such as toys, sports goods, baby items, bath towels and mats, and even a greater choice for teenagers and adults. It is always a busy place but checkout is very fast and you cannot find a more affordable place.

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Nolimit in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka’s biggest fashion chain with its sixteen branches located island wide is dedicated to offer maximum customer satisfaction to its clientele. Inimitable fashion clothing and accessories with 50,000 varieties to choose from, offer an unlimited choice to its discerning customers.

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Cargills in Sri Lanka

Cargills Food City

Cargills Food City is rated the third most valuable Brand in Sri Lanka and the most valued Retail Brand in the island according to research conducted by Brand Finance Lanka.

Cargills Food City has been recognized for its innovation in taking super marketing to the masses. It has also earned the highest Brand Equity in the Asia Pacific region, with NTUC Fair Price Singapore coming second according to the 2004 survey on Shopper Trends by ACNielsen.

On average, 1 transaction is recorded every second at a Cargills Food City outlet in Sri Lanka. Today Cargills Food City is the fastest growing retail network in Sri Lanka spread across 17 districts, topping 120 branches. On average, these outlets record almost 3 million transactions per month.

Being the only retail network with its own out-grower network Cargills Food City is proud of its ability to give the highest possible price to suppliers even as it provides nutritious high quality goods to the consumer at the lowest possible price.

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Laksala in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Handicrafts Board was established on 17th January 1983, under the National Crafts Council & allied Institutions Act No. 35 of 1982.

The Sri Lanka Handicrafts Board better known as “LAKSALA” is a state corporation under the Ministry of Rural Industries and Self Employment Promotion is set up to preserve and develop traditional skill of the craftsmen. The Board is dealing with nearly 3500 leading master craftsmen/entrepreneurs who are producing handicrafts item at Rural/Cottage industry level. "LAKSALA" is the only state owned handicraft marketing organization in Sri Lanka deals with provision of training to craftsmen and marketing and export promotion of handicrafts. The board handles 140 Training centers, 23 sales outlets and 14 provincial purchasing points for the purpose of achieving its objectives.

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