New Year Auspicious Times in Sri Lanka

2015 New Year Auspicious Times in Sri Lanka

  • Dawn of New Year (Nekath Udawa)

    Dawn of New Year is at 14th April 2015 at 01:47 PM

  • Punya Kalaya

    Punyakalaya is the time which starts 7hrs 05 minutes before the dawn of New Year and ends 7 hours 53 minutes after the dawn of New Year. So the puniya kala for Sri Lanka starts on 14th April at 07:23 a.m and ends at 14 th April at 08:11 p.m. The first portion of the Punyakala is allocated for religious ceremonies and the second part is for traditions like preparing Meals. Starting work, transactions etc.

  • Lighting of the hearth

  • Preparing Meals "Aahara Piseema"
    April 14th at 02:05 p.m
    Auspicious direction is East
    Auspicious cloth Red Colour
    Prepare a "Kiri Bath" from red rice mixed with Ghee and Jaggery (sharkara)  and sesame seeds (Tala)

  • Starting Work, Transactions and Taking Meals "Aahara Anubhavaya, Weda Alleema and Ganudenu Kireema"
    April 14th at 02:42 p.m
    Auspicious direction East
    Auspicious cloth Red Colour

  • Applying Oil "Hisa thel Gaama"
    April 15th at 09:06 a.m (Morning)
    Auspicious direction South
    Auspicious cloth Green Colour
    Dimbul Leaves for the head and Ambul leaves for the feet

  • Going to work
    April 22nd at 06:02 a.m (Morning)
    Auspicious direction East
    Auspicious cloth Light Green Colour

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