Customzied Fruit Basket

Build your own Kapruka Fruit Basket

Send your feelings and the exceptional creativity and selection along with the gifts you send to your loved ones

Kapruka offers a great opportunity for the customers to arrange the custom fruit baskets which essentially saves your money and fulfils your needs. The custom fruit baskets accomplish your wishes of sending your loved ones' the favorite combination of exotic, fine and fresh fruits. These are carefully packed with the Kapruka gift wrappings free of charge which ultimately brings a fabulous and perfect gift of health.

Fruit And Goodies Hamper (Details)
Send your wishes with this beautiful gift basket that combines an assortment of Red and Green apples, Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate -200g , Three Cans of  Diet Coke-330ml and Pringle can .
US$ 34.15
Strawberry Pack 250g (Details)
The heart-shaped silhouette of the strawberry is the first clue that this fruit is good for you. These potent little packages protect your heart, increase HDL, lower your blood pressure, and guard against cancer.
US$ 6.43
Cane Basket (Free) (Details)
Kapruka will decide the size of the basket based on the number of fruits you select here.
US$ 0.0
Guava (Details)
Moderately ripe guvava
US$ 1.11
Basket Of TJC Mangoes (Details)
TJC Mango is the world`s biggest, juiciest mango! It is a beautiful golden orange fruit with an unblemished skin.It has excellent flavor, low fiber content and smooth flesh. The small seed means there is more flesh to eat. The average weight of a mango is 600g.

This Mango Basket is a perfect choice to send to your family and it is contains of 6 Mangoes.

US$ 18.29
Seasons Delight Fruit Basket (Details)
Make a perfect choice with this special Seasons Delight Fruit Basket enriched with nutritious fruits. You can send this to your loved ones to give a healthy experience.

All kapruka fruit baskets are made with fresh fruits purchased from the producers in Sri Lanka.

This Fruit Basket Contains:
One TJC Mango
One Red Apple
One Green Apple
One Orange
One Pomegranate
One Papaya
10 Bananas
1 Kg of Grapes

US$ 31.54
Green Apple (Details)
Imported Green Apples
US$ 0.72
Red Apples (Details)
Imported Red Apples
US$ 0.79
Orange (Details)
Fresh Oranges
US$ 0.68
Pineapple (Details)
Moderately ripe pineapple
US$ 2.93
Papaya (Details)
Moderately ripe papaya
US$ 2.66
Bananas 1.5 kg (Details)
Moderately ripe Bananas
US$ 4.86
500g Of Red Grapes (Details)
Fresh Red Grapes
US$ 4.30
Pomegranate (Details)
Fine and ripe Pomegranates
US$ 3.50
Avocado (Details)
Moderately ripe Avocado
US$ 1.22
Woodapple (Details)
Moderately ripe Woodapple

US$ 1.07
Mango (Details)
Fine and ripe Mangos
US$ 2.21



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