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Profiles of Kapruka astrology service providers
Horoscope Service - Thilangani Herath

Thilangai Herath is a well known astrology service provider in Sri Lanka with a unique combination of 4 pillars fengshui and traditional horoscope readings. She is a frequent writer to many weekly and monthly magazines, newspapers and publications in Sri lanka in relation to Astrology.

Dozens of famous Astrology / Fengshui books are published by her and Kapruka proudly adds her as a proffered astrology service providers to Sri Lankans living around the world.

New Born Baby Name Service - Arisen Ahubudu

Arisen Ahubudu is a reputed writer, orator, playright, composer of Sinhala songs, author and poet in Sri Lanka. He has received three government awards for literary works,Title of Kalasuri from the Government of Sri Lanka. Sarasavi award for best composer of film songs. Over 40 years' experience in provding names to new born children. Has also provided names to Government Institutions, Banks, Media Institutions, Newspapers and Trading Organizations. He and his daughter joined hands with Kapruka in 2003 to offer thier service to Sri Lankans living around the world.

Baby Names Service

Horoscope Service - Premadasa Kaluthanthri

Premadasa Kaluthanthri (B.A Sri Lanka) - Administrative Officer Aurvadic Teaching Hospital, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Since 1970 his primary research and professional activities have been in Astrology on Reasons for factors that cause delay marriages and barrenness, Influence of planets causes unsuccessful marriages etc.

He has written books on Find a partner through the Horoscope (Kendrayen Sahakaru Handunaganna), Auspicious time of puberty (Malwara Nekatha), Feminine physical features (Narideha Lakshana) Books to be published - Planets cause marriages delay (Vivahaya Pramadakarana Grahayo), Planets that causes barrenness (Vandabava Ethiveemata Balapana Saadaka), Planets that cause unsuccessful marriages (Vivahaya Asarthakavemata Balapana Grahayo), Power of planets and marriage life (Lingika Jeewithaya saha Graha Balaya)

He has written articles for news papers and magazines in Sri Lanka : Silumina, Subasetha, tharuni, Nawaliya, Iranama, Waiddyawaraya and Sri. In addition to the above he was the deputy editor for the paper "Handahana".

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