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Order #VLKRDC7B9D78
Customer Review / Survery: Really happy service.I put my oder today and delivery should be tomorrow.but I talk with them and get my oder same date.that was a awesome feeling.I am happy to say kapruka are doing best things to customer satisfaction.

Customer Review / Survery: This is my first experiance with Kapruka actually must appriciate for a excellent customer service..Thank you..

Order #VLKR27899E63
Customer Review / Survery: The gift was really gud and she loved the gift and I will be sending more and more gift from kapruka in the future

Order #VEXTDD7B7388
Customer Review / Survery: It was awesome shopping online with Kapruka as there is a lot of selection. My order had a small issue with the delivery date and it was easily sorted out after calling them. Good customer service !

Order #AS0AF77D43C5
Customer Review / Survery: Appreciated your service. When I called to Sri Lanka and USA only the message . So unable to leave message. Like some one to respond.

Order #AX1AF98C064E
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you Kapruka. You delivered my order on time. Highly appreciated..!!! If you can please add more hotels to make cakes in Kandy area. Not only depend on Mahaweli reach and Hilltop. Also please expand the delivery range in Kandy region. Also Change designs at least every year. Good luck....!!!

Customer Review / Survery: Its the best shopping experience for a person, and kapruka helps bring our loved ones closer who are far away from home by having a vast collection of gifts.

Order #VLKR181EE73E
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you for giving my gift.. great work, I think were at the fore to deal with you. Really glad my girlfriend very happy too. If you have the best organization I will be introduced to the others.I wish to remain for ever in your organization

Order #AT0AF9B4DA3E
Customer Review / Survery: Very very excellent convenien service .fast and care with dedication am thankful to this website to connect me to my family and friends ..great job keep it up.

Order #AX0AF966787F
Customer Review / Survery: I wasn`t sure if I should go with this.. But after I shopped at kapruka I decided to not go for any other online shopping than kapruka..

Order #AL0AE99C5CE7
Customer Review / Survery: Without a doubt, you guys are the best when it comes to online shopping and delivering. Keep up the good work.

Order #AX3AF960EA0A
Customer Review / Survery: This srvice is very important and you are continuing in exceptional maner. Thank you very much for your lind service.

Order #AU0AF8FC1E03
Customer Review / Survery: Its the second time I make the best shopping experience with Kapruka! Its amazing for me to send gifts to my friend in Srilanka and today to my daughter on holiday in Srilanka ! SUPER!!!

Order #VEXTF44F810F
Customer Review / Survery: Dear Kapruka Mangement, I have been using Kapruka for years and have always been satisfied with their service until the 14th of May as some of the items were missing from the list when delivered. But i manage to sort it out by speaking to two of your very well mannered delivery driver call Ruwan and a lady whom i spoken to on the 17th, call Buddika. It goes without saying both went out of the way to sort out the problem . Please convey my sincere thanks to both of them for sort out the problem in a very proffessional manner and deliverying missing item on the 18th. Many Thanks again. A. MATOS.

Order #AS0AF73582F8
Customer Review / Survery: My gift scheduled on May 13th, but when your representatives go there my Mom was not at home. and he (Kosala) called me and said that`s ok we will come back tomorrow which is Mother`s day. It was a big relieve to me, bcs that was my first Kapruka gift to my Mom. and she was so happy when she got her gift. really appreciate for ur hard working team.

Order #AQ0AE7DA4095
Customer Review / Survery: Wet easy and reliable. Have been using Kapruka for years and never been disappointed. Keep up the good work .

Order #VLKR537B7EC5
Customer Review / Survery: Though the selection is very limited, the service is great. I have always been connected to my friends in their special moments because of kapruka gifts.

Order #AU1AF8EFAE63
Customer Review / Survery: I sent many gift to SriLanka through your fantastic service. I personally satisfied with the service you provided. The cakes are fantastic and very tasty. My children and family members like them very much. I sent many fruit basket to my mom and I was able to make her happy and see nice smile on her face. Thank you.

Customer Review / Survery: The experience I have so far is really good. The recipients are happy with the quality of the gifts.

Customer Review / Survery: Website is very good with clear photos of products to choose from. The cakes I chose were perfect and all expectations were met ! Thank u for very good service over many years to keep families together.

Order #AQ0AE7E5455F

Order #AS0AF7808C7A
Customer Review / Survery: It`s really good experience. Never stuck during payment. Easy access and very comfortable shopping experience. Really thanks for your service. If don`t find this website I may feel sad as I can`t do somtfor my old parents from London. Keep it up.

Order #AQ0AE7D7E484
Customer Review / Survery: The guy who delivered followed the instruction to the letter. The package was supposed to be a b`day gift and he ensured not to spoil the surprise. Great service. It would be great if the service can send a SMS alert instead of the Email.

Order #AT0AF9730589
Customer Review / Survery: After placing the order at Kapruka,the sri lanka telephone number provided to call track the order this is not functioning at all.

Order #VEXTE5DF07E4
Customer Review / Survery: it found hard to send gifts to some middle east countries. it would be more helpful if we can send gifts to those countries without putting much effort

Order #VAUT0DF98F9F
Customer Review / Survery: My shopping experience with Kapruka was great. I just ordered a gift 2 days before the Mother`s Day and Kapruka ensured that my mother received it on the day without failing. Commitment towards great customer service is commendable. Thank you Kapruka! I really appreciate it.

Order #AX0AF92E213F
Customer Review / Survery: last sunday I send mothers day cake to my wife, Its all cream melted on the cake, please use Air condition vehical for cake delivery , Thanks

Order #AT3AF95EC7D1
Customer Review / Survery: I must appreciate your remarkable service given to me. I was wonder after receiving a telephone call from my friend who is collect the cake sent by you. Because it received to him before i expected.

Order #AT1AF9081738
Customer Review / Survery: the chocolates you have delivered hadn`t been the same one on the picture. there hadn`t any letters on chocolates which she got. They were melted chocolates. You should use ice packs when you deliver for distant areas.

Order #VEXTDB78F10C
Customer Review / Survery: The hamper I ordered to my mum is two fruit basket and today I got to know that wood apple and oranges are expired or not in a condition to consume. I`m a Kapruka customer almost 10 years now. I prefer better quality from you.

Order #AL3AE952A233
Customer Review / Survery: Great site to shop. I am very thankful that you guys are there so I can ship items to my family in Sri Lanka. Keep up the the great work!

Order #VLKR050A7638
Customer Review / Survery: It has been a wonderful one..and I am very much satisfied with your service. As I am a Sri Lankan out of the country, this service has made me close to my family and friends

Order #VAUT136CAFD3
Customer Review / Survery: I have shopped with Kapruka on several occasions and I am so pleased with it. The delivery service is AMAZING, I have never been disappointed so far. Keep up the good work Kapruka!

Order #VLKR5CC58387
Customer Review / Survery: Special instruction deliver after 11am were not adhered to. I paid for an iced greeting on the cake which wasn`t on it. That`s disappointing.

Order #VAUT55B9BD98
Customer Review / Survery: I can`t categorice narrow down any Search eg-price(low to high) ... or high to low... I would have to go thru the 8 or so pages to find a cheap cake

Order #AL0AE8FA1EA8
Customer Review / Survery: The website was very easy to navigate. The arrangement was just as it was advertised. It arrived on time, very fresh and high quality. I had notification. When it was delivered.

Order #AU0AF8AB5279
Customer Review / Survery: Very easy to shop select items and pay. Feedback emails from the time of order processing to delivery and completion is greatly appreciated. Outstanding on time delivery.

Order #AL0AE94C2C62
Customer Review / Survery: This is a very good opportunity for a busy person to save time on shopping and above all it was a great thing that you send me a reminder! Thank you

Order #AQ0AE7892E01
Customer Review / Survery: Worth having service like Kapruka, we can send anything we like to Sri Lanka. My mum was very happy about her Mother`s Day gift.

Customer Review / Survery: The shopping experience I have so far is really good. The gift recipients are happy with the quality of the gifts. However, if the delivery times can guaranteed, it would be great.

Order #VAUT40856F7B
Customer Review / Survery: It was a great shopping experience very easy to use and was delivered on time. Recipients were very happy with the beautiful fresh flowers and yummy cake.

Order #AR1AE8013D05
Customer Review / Survery: Every time I got an excellent service from the Kapruka. Good quality products are delivered on time with trust.

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