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Order #AQ0AE1C5D530
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent, reliable service both to city areas, suburbs and rural locations, the service to all geographical locations, is without exception, exemplary

Order #AX0AF2FFD377
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is doing a excellent service not only for the people of Sri Lanka but for the people residing outside srilanka.we are very grateful for this service.

Order #AX0AF332E95A
Customer Review / Survery: everything was so easy and good but I was struggling to go to the payment page as the photographers information pop up was blocking. I tried without exaggeration for about 3 hours to do this and finally managed. May be this happened only with me but please shift that pop up message somewhere else and not at the point of proceeding to payment. Having said that I am so pleased that my gift was delivered in time even though it was a last late request. A huge thanks to all of you at Kapruka. Excellent products and a superb service!

Order #AQ1AE1A71FC8
Customer Review / Survery: Its the first time I used your services. I must say it is excellent. I am impressed. Thank you,

Order #AQ0AE1AC170C
Customer Review / Survery: At a time when I`m 1000s of miles away from home, Kapruka made my day by delivering a nice cake I wanted to surprise my daughter just turning 5. They made it in a very short notice in a good quality I expected.

Order #AT3AF31FA95E
Customer Review / Survery: Great shopping experience and very user friendly website. I ordered a customized mouse pad, I did however realize that I couldn`t edit the image I chose, like move it around abit and zoom a little in. It would be very great if you could introduce these basic options of cropping, zooming, rotating and moving the image around in customized items it would be perfect! Overall very good service! Thank you!

Order #VLKR7B6A13DA
Customer Review / Survery: It`s amazing! Without any doubt can recommend to anyone! One of the fastest service ever!! TBH I`m impressed with the service. Well done Kapruka Team!

Order #AR1AE1E65071
Customer Review / Survery: Thank you so much kapruka . Words canno express how thankful I am it was a very quick order and you did it at right time..

Order #AT0AF303FE18
Customer Review / Survery: Im always happy about the services you provide. I trust you 100 . Its a big relief as this kind of services exist, specifically for people like us. Wish you the very best of luck.

Order #AR0AE1DB95F7
Customer Review / Survery: The basket didn`t include what was said on the internet..had only 2 oranges .two apples. Grapes. Small Pineapple. Bananas...No Mango nor papaya...I am hesitant to use kapruka again...

Order #AT1AF3278B8C
Customer Review / Survery: Quick, accurate and very reliable service! The only online shopping site in Sri Lanka which provides a reliable delivery service.. keep it up Kapruka!

Order #VAUTD317C005
Customer Review / Survery: Convenient and awesome. Easy to pick the right one and more informative. It would be more attractive if we can have this in android application. Wish you all the very best.

Order #VAUT185EF90B
Customer Review / Survery: The `best Dad ` cake I ordered from you dosnt look like what in the show photo.(Not properly detailed) .Other than that, good service

Order #AU0AF25FB23F
Customer Review / Survery: Website is functioning very well. It was very easy and quick to purchase the item. It was very late from my side to order to deliver by next day morning, however the team was very helpful. They called me early in the morning to meet the deadline, however I couldn`t make it. So it delivered one day later. Overall I liked the service very well. Thanks.

Order #VLKR2B175707
Customer Review / Survery: Perishable foods need to be handled properly when you send those to a remote address. Make sure your company sends perishable items, like cheesecake cold or frozen. It is very expensive to transport in a cooler, so it is better to pack in regiform box to keep the cake cold. regiform boxes keep things cold for long periods. You can ask recipient to return the regiform box or you can charge the sender for the box.

Order #VLKR9C1E8D58
Customer Review / Survery: Actually I didn`t do any shopping. I made a birthday gift delivery. But the website looks pretty good for a online shopping. All in one site. Keep it up.

Order #AT0AF30613D4
Customer Review / Survery: they have send the wrong cake dissapointed i orderd a ribbon cake white and pink she received a chocalate cake with fruits and nuts

Order #VLKR763BB241
Customer Review / Survery: The web shopping experience is very fast, slick and intuitive. However, the item that I ordered wasn`t exactly how I would have liked it to be, though it was good.

Order #AL1AE2E4D093
Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka is the one of best online shopping company in Sri Lanka.it was really useful for me.as I m in far a way from my family kapruka meke me close to my home. I have send gift 3 years befor through kapruka.i feel web site has improved lot. If can add more choices it will be better for future.

Order #VLKR9251E831
Customer Review / Survery: I used this service for the first time and they really impressed me with on time delivery. Totally satisfied with the product as well. Thanks kapruka. Will use your efficient service again. Keep up good service!

Order #VLKRE0A86355
Customer Review / Survery: Perfect service, Exceptionally happy. But i want you to inform that asked delivery time was delay. I asked to deliver it morning But they done it evening.

Customer Review / Survery: Call center staff support is much appreciated, as he mentioned if the recipient has left the delivery location, they will contact him and arrange the delivery to the current location

Order #VAUT3458C925
Customer Review / Survery: Instructions were easy to follow. Many choices were available to suit my budget. Delivered on time as requested. Your work is wonderful.

Order #VLKR98B7D02B
Customer Review / Survery: Really reliable service is sone by Kapruka. Website has many things to choose. Varying from choices as well as prices. Really glad to have Kapruka.

Order #VAUT12231A04
Customer Review / Survery: It is a great service. If there werent like this service it is very upsetting as we cannot send anything to our loved once

Order #AP1ADFDC248C
Customer Review / Survery: Its was great but they havent mentioned our wish in the cake only blank cake have been delivered little disappointed,this is birthday wish cake should have mention ar least name.

Order #AS1AF0FBB314
Customer Review / Survery: It was very easy to place the order. My mother to whom we sent the cake said the taste was excellent!

Order #VAUT176F9B37
Customer Review / Survery: Very satisfied with the entire process upto prompt delivery of orders upto now. To Question No. 1-- 10 Excellent

Order #VLKREDC09C17
Customer Review / Survery: The shopping experience was good. But I think if you can have a range of colors to the website than the blue and white it will be ore pleasant. The quality of the pictures of the products are also not very satisfactory. They do not show the real color of some of the products.

Order #AR3AE1B6DF27
Customer Review / Survery: The website is very well designed and is easy to navigate. The delivery is very dependable even on busy holidays. The persons delivering are very courteous and the people receiving the gifts are thrilled. If I summarize Kapruka service `It`s outstanding!. Thank you.

Order #VEXT035DD023
Customer Review / Survery: Swift, professional service. Ordered direct from the UK and the flowers were delivered the following day. The photos from my relative show the gift to be colourful and beautifully presented. Thank you.

Customer Review / Survery: My mother really happy she received cake and flowers.thanks for your excellent service This is Narada Alahakoon

Order #AP3ADF8004B2
Customer Review / Survery: I am happy about the shopping experience and speed of delivery. The only thing I am not satisfied with, is the fact that I was charged in US Dollars instead of Rupees although the prices were quoted in Rupees. As I placed the order from Sri Lanka after checking the Rupee value, I had a reasonable expectation that, that is the only amount I would be charged with. But when I was charged in US Dollars, the amount that I have to pay the card centre is shown more than the expected price and on top of that, I would have to pay a stamp duty to the Government also, although I did not purchase any goods abroad. Please take steps to rectify that issue.

Order #VAUT67245914
Customer Review / Survery: It would be great if you can make the deliveries in a more professional manner. I didn`t expect what I ordered to be delivered in a bus. Other than that everything else was really good and I appreciate the service of Kapruka.

Order #VLKRC8086901
Customer Review / Survery: It was a great pleasure to ordering with Kapruka. The shopping experience really good. Specially the website is user friendly and easy to use. So it was really easy to order via internet. Actually that was the 2nd time I used Kapruka and I`m really impressed with both times. Thank you!

Order #AU1AF26C904F
Customer Review / Survery: Great gifts and awesome quality products. In very little time they made my gift so valuable. On time so happy with customers service.

Order #VLKRA1CAF874
Customer Review / Survery: Easy to place order and get what I needed. I had a special instruction to deliver after 12pm so the real recipient whom I wanted to give would be home to collect it but it was delivered around 11am. It would be best to follow the instructions mentioned.

Order #AR1AE1975F64
Customer Review / Survery: I feel that the web site offered a wide variety. I would like to add that the arrangement when received exceeded my expectations and was very happy with those results.

Order #AT0AF2EC10FF
Customer Review / Survery: The what`s up staff on kapruka a misguided me that they deliver to wattala KFC products.when I tried ordering I realised I cannot order to wattala.As I promised my family a treat that I had deliver a Chinese dragon meal.we kindly train your staff not to misguided the customer. Furthermore I can`t realise that if Chinese dragon product can be delivered to wattala why KFC products cannot be delivered to wattala

Order #AS1AF0C738AD
Customer Review / Survery: I was bit confused to find out the products. I was tried to search products in searching bar with category names. Ex. `Birthday cakes`. But it did not turn up. Therefore, please add that function in searching bar. Many thanks

Order #VAUT95B13EF9
Customer Review / Survery: Awesome. It was just the same as what I expected to be as seen on the picture when I initially ordered. And perfectly on time delivery

Order #VAUTAAB6639E
Customer Review / Survery: User Friendly site, no hassle- If you look at my history of orders, I have introduced a few clients, including my sister in law Diana Berman. This is only possible with the excellent service I have had in the past, and prompt delivery of the service.

Order #VAUT59E5E49D
Customer Review / Survery: The web site is well organized, sufficient information is included and up to date. Shopping at Kapruka is a pleasant experience. However, I find that gift delivery gets little late. I appreciate if the gifts are delivered at least before noon, so the recipient can enjoy their special day better.

Order #VLKR88CED6A9
Customer Review / Survery: I am using the Kapuruka Web for all my purchases since 2012. I never had any issues or problems with the deliveries all the gifts are delivered on time and perfect conditions. I rate KAPURUKA for five-star level services. Thank you for excellent services and supports. Greatly appreciated.

Customer Review / Survery: It was great and multiple options .. which is good because it`s so hard to mail stuff from the US to SL!

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