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Order #AX0AF4B559CA
Customer Review / Survery: Service-wise kapruka is excellent! My orders get delivered on time every time with no issues. The website is also super easy but as always there will be room for improvement.

Order #AS0AF2F1106B
Customer Review / Survery: When I ordered the cake it said 48 hours for delivery. However it was done in 24 hours. I am totally surprised and happy about your service. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Order #AS0AF2EA7731
Customer Review / Survery: Using the website was easy and the gift was delivered at the promised time. The recipient was very happy.

Order #VLKRC1A52922
Customer Review / Survery: It was really a great experience to be with you guys. I`m from U.K. And using this shopping service more than seven years. Even though I`d faced some unsatisfactory situation with delivery. Hence i probably glad to be a kapruka`s customer. Best wishes!!!

Order #AT0AF4F25E0F
Customer Review / Survery: Customer care on the hotline is very helpful and courteous. Thank you Kapruka for your reliability which is under important! Wish for more gift options on website with time. More variety within categories will be even better.

Order #AR1AE389B371
Customer Review / Survery: I have been shopping with Kapruka many times and they always provided a prompt and excellent service.

Customer Review / Survery: Thank you for delivering the birthday cake for my nephew as it was the first and only cake in that house as they lost their mother ( my sister in law) three months back. The simple beautiful cake which I send to him means alots for them. Thank you so much to do it on the exact day becase I place the order on that day morning from our time here i Australia. My nephew was so happy and I was tearing by looking at the happy photos with the cake.

Order #AU3AF400EDAF
Customer Review / Survery: To be honest i am not fully happy about shopping experience which i had with Kapruka this time.. First incident was i didnt get what i want, after placing the order, they wanted me to revise the order by saying, item is not available. Second incident was i ordered macarons as this was special occasion, but quality of the product is very poor and that was exposure to air and it was not in a position to eat even.. just thrown away... Other than above service is quiet ok but need some improvements...

Order #AP0AE1859BF5
Customer Review / Survery: This is the 1st time i was using kapruka for sending cakes. And i was not sure about the service. But it was really good service. I like kapruka and your services

Order #AP1AE1473431
Customer Review / Survery: Everything is really good. But we are not happy as you first started it. We have been your customers since the beginning this was our third order for this month. Those days surprises were like true surprises but nowadays I don`t see in that way. Makesure you keep your customers happy.

Order #VAUTF723A4DB
Customer Review / Survery: Biriyani wasn`t worth the money at all my mom was really unhappy about the size of the potion. I ordered for 2 but it wasn`t enough for them and she also complained about the taste as well. Please pass this feedback to Kingsburry

Order #AQ1AE26DB79A
Customer Review / Survery: We ordered 6 Mini Curd Pots along with this order. But they had send 1 large curd pot. When we order 6 Mini curd pots it means that we order it because of an important purpose. Sorry to say. I am really disappointed.

Order #AR1AE3627C37
Customer Review / Survery: I ordered a cake and a flower bouquet for my mother`s birthday. The gooda were up to standard. But I am really disappointed because the delivery boy has tarvelled in a bus from all the way from Colombo to wennapuwa. We are reagular customers but I don`t think we can stick on to Kapruka anymore. This is the 2nd time you all made us feel bad.

Order #VAUT1DBB5E34
Customer Review / Survery: Placing the order is very convenient. It`s better if you could deliver the gift at the time we requested to be delivered.

Order #AU0AF4420387
Customer Review / Survery: I have been sending gifts over Kapruka over the past few years. So far no problems. You are doing an awesome job

Order #AS0AF2954AD3
Customer Review / Survery: Great service and i really appriciate it, wish you to grow up more and more with your business . #128077 #128077 #128077

Order #VLKR9776EE09
Customer Review / Survery: Shipping service was excellent, i would like if you can call the sender also before the delivery, or ask a question from the sender to choose whom to call!

Order #VLKRF578E5A2
Customer Review / Survery: I have lot of experience with kapruka because before my uncle send many things for us, no im sending gifts for others

Order #AT0AF49EB386
Customer Review / Survery: Only suggestion would be make a delivery slots , so it will be easy for someone who is placing orders from overseas to follow up with the recipients on the delivery.

Order #AS0AF2C5EC60
Customer Review / Survery: I received an email stating that more information are needed to complete the delivery. And they have never called me through phone to resolve any issues or they have not stated the corresponding issue with my order. I even could not reach through the number provided and they did not reply my emails. These things arm your good name.

Customer Review / Survery: this service gives us an opportunity to send our greetings and wishes to our friends and relatives door step in a easy way.

Order #AS0AF2BBF961
Customer Review / Survery: i am not living in srilanka this movement. my family so happy with your service product.specialy six years old my daughter .once again thank you very much for everything. i`ll recomend your company for my friends without any hesitation.keep it up.

Order #VLKR17B04F0F
Customer Review / Survery: No doubts... Excellent services.. I`m really happy to deal with kapruka always.... One suggestion.. if you develop a mobile app for your services much better and easier for the customers to deal with...

Order #VLKR4C7902CC
Customer Review / Survery: I`m really happy about your service. The order was deliverd even before the time i thought. Thats really amazing and your gifts are high in quality.. I was thinking to call you and thank for the great job so thank you very much.. actually your service is so great. My girlfriend was really happy seeing my gift. Thats enough for me..In a country like Sri Lanka these things are amatuer. So you are the pioneer of this online gift delivering. Best of luck. Hope your company to become the world best company.. thank you Kapruka. These words are not just uttered in the hope of your gift voucher . They are really from the bottom of my heart..

Order #VLKRC427EE79
Customer Review / Survery: Staff was very co-operative. But staff should check the correct details about shipping and other variable costs, before finalizing the quotation. If you can go through the history of this order number, particular order was quoted for Rs.9808, but then staff contacted and said, quotation was misquoted, and price should be actually higher, due to miscalculating shipment weight ( 1 pound instead of 2 pound). Staff should calculate and quote correctly and negative experiences would be avoided with customers.

Order #VLKR5947E874
Customer Review / Survery: previously i have done another order and i have sent an email saying please cancel it. still i did not receive any feedback. other than that with the service you provided im more than happy.

Order #AU0AF4343A4E
Customer Review / Survery: The available products are good and affordable. The customer service is very good too.However, if you can get food items in its original state it would be great. This is specially true when the recipient is out colombo. I ordered chocolates and a cake, and it had melted when it got to kandy. Other than that, the service is very good and i would recommend kapruka to anyone.

Order #AQ3AE309A4D2
Customer Review / Survery: the mobile site can be improved to be more user friendly i feel. plus 24 hour delivery would be awesome so that we can deliver gifts in the evenings or at night when the person is actually at home to receive the gift.

Order #AL0AE4837D76
Customer Review / Survery: Very convenient shopping experience. Things are as described and good customer service. When I placed my order I accidentally skipped the personal message part and then I thought the receiver wouldn`t have clue about it but kapruka delivered my cake along with a card saying `no personal messages` which kind of Seems like I didn`t take my time to type in the personal message. This isn`t a complaint but this could be avoided as this could upset any receiver. Other than that very much satisfied.

Order #AL0AE4C3A90A
Customer Review / Survery: I being sending lots of presents from Kapruka since I`m abroad. Its a greate services, always happy to deal...

Order #VLKR6D02B123
Customer Review / Survery: Seriously i mentioned a suprise call but guys impressed my boyfriend with your excellenct service his was juzt speechless about how you delievred thy gift and it made me suprising too when he was saying about your service you totally satisfied me. Good job. Keep doing the great level of customer satisfication.

Order #AQ3AE2B7CCD8
Customer Review / Survery: Fast, and very reliable as always. It would be even great if the delivery confirmation would be done on real time, because a confirmation email received after 3 days of delivery is a little too late in today`s standards.

Customer Review / Survery: I really enjoyed the experience and it was quite convenient. This is my second time using Kapruka. However, unfortunately the gift I selected was not the one that was delivered. I requested http- www.kapruka.com shops deliveryProductPreview.jsp id ornaments00419 type specialGifts but what was delivered was a different set of mugs.

Order #AL0AE4409219
Customer Review / Survery: really the best way to send love for those who are away and distanced from their loved ones, most of the times, the Gifts are way better in real than on website photos, which is great and special about kapruka.com

Order #VAUT709FEDA5
Customer Review / Survery: Simply the best! There was not much trouble when placing the order and the delivery too was done smoothly on time. Highly appreciate the service..

Customer Review / Survery: It was a great experience. I forgot to add whom it was from and sent them an email there prompt response was excellent. Only thing I was disappointed that they didn`t send in the morning they sent it after 6 at night I was a bit stressed about that,

Order #VLKRBDE81A45
Customer Review / Survery: It was excellent arrangement .Product classifications given as per the requirement and stuff delivered is same and no variation

Customer Review / Survery: Shopping with kapruka has been an excellent experience for few years now. It`s very convenient and super easy. Great customer service and always deliver on time. But, when it comes to cakes, I had some complaints about damages and bad conditions. Better improve the quality of transportation guys. Thanks a lot.

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