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Order #VLKRB4983004
Customer Review / Survery: shopping experience was great, a bit more variety at affordable rates will be much more interesting to see.

Order #AQ0AE55BDFF6
Customer Review / Survery: I have been ordering flowers and gift items via Kapruka since long time. Surprisingly the flowers you have delivered today was not fresh and color combination was not as per what I have ordered. Recipient also informed just while ago that the flowers started fading away so quickly. I would like to have a quick response to this message.

Order #AU0AF6653E4A
Customer Review / Survery: This is really amazing. Everything is here and it is really easy for busy people and it is really good cause we can surprise who ever we are sending the gift to #10084 #65039

Order #VLKR6C814268
Customer Review / Survery: When adding the photo to the mug it is not properly placing. So I had a doubt worry how it will come out. But the way it is printed make me so happy. I like it very much

Order #AL1AE6766CAE
Customer Review / Survery: It was great and easy to find things in the website. I really appreciate the reliable delivery service.

Order #AQ1AE55FEB96
Customer Review / Survery: Amazing experience. Kapruka has never failed to keep up to your promise and deliver the goods on promptly on time to our beloved mother back in Sri Lanka, Thank you.

Order #VLKR88EE03A9
Customer Review / Survery: I am very happy with the service. I got a clarification call under 5 minutes of placing the order. And my peraonalized gift was delivered within 24 hours in excellent condition. Well done!

Order #VAUT9A18C35D
Customer Review / Survery: This order was made and delivered within less than 24 hours. Cant beat that. Well done kapruka. Also for the photograph. Thats a nice touch. I was not really happy as an earlier order was messed up. But this work changed my feelings.

Order #AU3AF63FE42D
Customer Review / Survery: This is the 1st time and the customer experience is commendable. I will surely recommend the excellent and committed service rendered by April to my friends in abroad.

Order #AL3AE6D333DD
Customer Review / Survery: This is the 1st time and the customer experience is commendable. I will surely recommend the excellent and committed service rendered by April to my friends in abroad.

Order #VLKRDF90DF10
Customer Review / Survery: I ordered 12 fruit basket for a special religious occasion in Kandy. Kapruka had done a splendid arrangement. one of the best fruit baskets i have ever seen. Once again a big thank you to Kapruka

Order #VLKR21D71A7B
Customer Review / Survery: shopping with your web site is good and i do trust your delivery dates which is almost on time. And also i would recommend that its usually there should be a payment gateway to handle payment information. during the checkout i thought that it will be greate if your site not directly involve with payment info. because credit card details are placed on your site and it could be a point where someone can steal the payment info for any other purpose through your system. as a customer we cannot guarantee the security of any other service which store our sensitive data on their systems.

Order #VLKR5E448620
Customer Review / Survery: Initially, could not get into the web site due to an error. It took some time. That was the only hiccup. Other than that, the services offered were excellent and the cakes are so delicious and fresh. Good service.

Order #VAUT1FAF8608
Customer Review / Survery: Just one word- wonderful! I was wondering if my mother gift can be delivered on the birthday, because I placed the order just yesterday.... And you guys did! Wonderful and thank a lot

Order #VCOD18616EFB
Customer Review / Survery: Itz really nice custamer service and definitely I will do more shopping with you guys..thank you for delivering the item so fast.

Order #AR0AE58BD0B5
Customer Review / Survery: It`s really a good experience the only issue i face is sitting in other country I cannot keep a track and when I call helplines somehow it gets disconnected and nobody replys on what`s app support.

Order #AR0AE56DF8E8
Customer Review / Survery: I totally forgot about mother`s day so I had to do my order using my phone, it wasn`t the first time I used Kapruka so my bank details were already saved, this meant that I didn`t have to put my bank details while I was literally on the move. It has indeed save me a lot of time and my mom was very happy with the order, the Fruit basket is apparently bigger than what the picture shows, which meant I got extra brownie points for it. Thanks Kapruka! from me and my mom!

Order #VAUT524C98B7
Customer Review / Survery: It is really good for us. Thank u Kapruka and I want to say thank Mr.Niresh. He gave me support to arrange this.

Order #AR3AE559BA6D
Customer Review / Survery: Website could be updated - the pictures seem outdated and old. Also, bigger pictures would be more helpful to identify products. Also the exchange rate should be shown on purchase. I received a lower than average exchange rate for spa vouchers I bought.

Order #VEXTFE696B9A
Customer Review / Survery: I am very satisfied with the Exekution of the Order and deliver on this day. I have been commissioned by europe from germany. It all worked out wonderfully and I can only recommend the online Shop. A great thanks

Order #VAUTA6F321E6
Customer Review / Survery: This is the first time I used this service and I`m so impressed about the efficient service. Email notifications was really useful too.

Order #VLKRBD8C8A14
Customer Review / Survery: I`m so impressed that you have delivered the flowers to my client as per the request time.. she told me that the way ur company representative dressed n handed over was very nice. I like to use your service because it`s really reliable n the quality of your service are super grade.. All the Best Kapruka Regards., Subani De Silva

Order #AL0AE670393E
Customer Review / Survery: Great service!! Highly impressed! Had a great shopping experience. Reliable source to send love to loved once when away from home.

Order #AU1AF63D9327
Customer Review / Survery: It was really convenient. I did order the cake even less than 24 hours but Kapruka did great job by delivering it on time. Excellent service.

Order #AU0AF6309B96
Customer Review / Survery: As a Sri Lankan who live in abroad, I love Kapruka because it giving great service for their customers and their family. Its great pleasure to have your services. Thank You!

Order #AX1AF682A231
Customer Review / Survery: This time u guys delivered my stuff on time...so i glad about it...hope u will delivery things on time further as well..

Order #AL0AE64D6F14
Customer Review / Survery: I have ordered Cakes . Very beautiful and Very tasty Cakes . Cakes were delivered always on time ( Trincomalee or Batticaloa). Excellence services. Customer service is Very Very good.

Order #AS1AF4B7A1BE
Customer Review / Survery: Excellent service. Fast shipping. Good customer service. Using kapruka for years now scene then and now they`re still the best. Cheers guys. Keep it up Recommend for every Sri Lankans 5 Stars #11088 Dumantha from Canada

Order #VLKR2B598C02
Customer Review / Survery: Harsha is very efficient ... but the quality of flowers have gone down . Roses I ordered died in one day sadly

Order #AP0AE34BB752
Customer Review / Survery: Quick delivery.but price ,convert usd to any other currenc (jpy) some big difference,,services are verry good. #128522

Order #VEXTFC011A5E
Customer Review / Survery: Good Day Sir, Thank you so much sir ,very good tasty on time delivery.one more time thank you so much,

Order #AU0AF5F9BF8A
Customer Review / Survery: Only two things need to improve, 1. Products are very expensive and can we relook at the prices 2. Delivery time need to improve

Order #VLKR63B2B3EB
Customer Review / Survery: Not happy at all. I specially instructed to deliver the flowers to the funeral before 1p.m. The flowers had been delivered at 5p.m after the fineral was over. I got humiliated in front of all my relatives. In the future please if you cannot adhere to special instructions, please call me before delivering as I have provided my mobile number. I even whatsapped you and told not to deliver and you went ahead and delivered at 5p.m. Please do not do this again in the future. I would like a refund.

Order #AU0AF61FF8B4
Customer Review / Survery: It`s really good and fast service. Very happy with your team work.you are delivering great service.keep it up.

Order #VLKRCF08976D
Customer Review / Survery: It was a great experience because i couldn`t find a website which asks `is this a gift `. The letter was too good

Order #VLKR306F6563
Customer Review / Survery: That was my first time..it was very convenient for choose a gift from your site and the serive was very good. i`m currently out of the country but i didn`t have to contact you and ask about the delivery because it was right on time and you`ve informed me via emails all the time.thank you again..

Order #VLKRB9674E21
Customer Review / Survery: You guys were amazing, you guys made my day by sending the gifts on right time on my wife`s birthday

Customer Review / Survery: I had some issue selecting quantities for some items. eg chinees dragan cutlery plate. I had to order 2 quantities in 2 lines not same line 2 quantities..

Order #VLKRC3E914A0
Customer Review / Survery: Honestly I enjoyed shopping with Kapruka. There are lots of items available. I suggest to add some more Teddy bears which I searched and was not available.

Order #VEXT9BE8E3E4
Customer Review / Survery: I have been sending gifts to my loved ones through Kapruka quite a lot. You are doing a great job! I`m highly satisfied and would recommend to others!

Order #VLKR8E9BE068
Customer Review / Survery: I have always tried Kapruka`s flower arrangements and I am extremely happy with their presentation. Those who receive the flowers give such a wonderful feedback. At present I am residing overseas with my hubby and one year old, and presently going through all your stuff as this year I won`t be able to do alot of gift giving, wrapping and sending. So kapruka will be my saviour!

Order #AL0AE68CB4C0
Customer Review / Survery: it`s really great job you doing keep it up, well done kapruka,I enjoyed with you shopping food values thank you lots.

Order #AX1AF6771245
Customer Review / Survery: doing a great job and I am glad we have this kind of service so we can send gifts to our loved ones in Sri Lanka on time kapruka is owesome

Order #VCOD2BC34C61
Customer Review / Survery: Delivery was great, ordering was easy. Great service. Thanks. Good that there are different methods of payment available.

Order #AU0AF5ADE53A
Customer Review / Survery: The ordering and delivery process was flawless, I would be re-ordering again soon -) One comment for improvement, in the custom cake, I did not like the font and letter size chosen, please give an option for us to design the entire image and you can just do the printing, the only information needed is the width and height of the image for us to do the design. This would give a higher control over the finished product, hopefully next time order! Cannot comment on the taste of the cake, tomorrow is the big day! Thanks for the amazing service.

Order #AP0AE306F00D
Customer Review / Survery: We are very pleased on the varieties and selection of gift items available in Kapruka. It`s a great service and likely to recommend to families and friends in USA.

Order #VLKRA1ED881A
Customer Review / Survery: Shopping is very much convenient and easy at kapruka. Delivery is prompt, and the gifts are just as expected, the quality os to the best. Kapruka gifts are the most cost effective

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